Welcome Back, Dom Brown

Ruben Amaro is a straight up liar. At approx 10:30 last night:

Will Dom Brown be called up?



We don't think he's ready to do it.


2:40 today: Domonic Brown was recalled to replace Shane Victorino, who was placed on the DL with a Grade 1 or 2 hamstring strain.

Brown was hitting .341 with two home runs in Triple-A.

The Phillies also called up David Herndon (yawn) and sent down Scott Mathieson.

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13 Responses

  1. thank you for this, i was literally just searching around for information on this. phillies website says it won’t be brown, their twitter said otherwise and i couldn’t find anything about it. hopefully he’s ready to stay this time. we could use him!

  2. I hope Dom Brown manages a breakout this time. With the disarray in the outfield (with Shane out, who is not replaceable at this point?), both he and Mayberry have positions that are theirs to lose.

  3. agreed with nick. i’m really hoping mayberry and brown prove themselves this year and show us all they can make it full time in the big league. having an outfield with mayberry, victorino, and brown would be amazing if it works out.

  4. I wasn’t really on the Dom Brown train, but to be honest, it couldn’t get any worse offensively. He’s hitting good in the minors and maybe he’ll make an impact. The Phillies hitters are the worst I’ve seen the last 2 years and I personally blame management. Yes, they fired Thompson, but I believe Charlie has a lot to answer for.

  5. Herndon can throw multiple innings… Mathieson can’t. Bullpen is shot. Herndon will be sent down as soon as Contreras is ready.

  6. Worley is down beCause hes a starter and they want him to keep pitching in that role in triple A…maybe if he does well and Blanton is traded he’d take the 5th spot eventually? Who knows

  7. Joe, only problem is that most teams are going to want Worley and not Blanton. It’s going to be tough trying to sell off the fat one. Now, sit back and watch Brown rake.

  8. C’mon, now. Does anyone REALLY believe anything a GM tells you? In this case, I don’t. Bringing up Dom was the only logical move Ruben could make. Will the kid make a difference in this horribly anemic lineup? Well, he sure can’t do any worse. As for Herndon, I wish someone would find those blackmail pictures he has of Ruben doing the wild thing with a farm animal and burn them so Amaro can get rid of that bum once and for all!

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