Which Fan is Douchier, You Be The Judge!

A) These Phillies fans, Worley’s Warriors, who came to last night’s game dressed as what looks like Spanish bull fighters.



B) This Bruins fan from Game 2, who wore his Flyers t-shirt through the concourse then swithed back into his Chara jersey once he got to his seat. You just made YouTube!

[language warning]

Either way, Europe sucks.


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  1. Wow. While the Worley shit was pretty stupid, that Bruins fan is just ridiculous. I have no more words…

  2. Are you kidding me? Is this even a question?
    Hands down that fraud of a Bruins fan is a bigger douche. That may be the worst thing a “fan” could do. What was he gonna do if Flyers had won – leave his friends to be harrassed on the escalator while he wore an orange shirt?
    On a terrible scale of 1 to Kris Versteeg on the blue line last night – I would say get this kid a mouthpiece and a #10 jersey.

  3. Lets be honest, you cant blame that Bruins fan for wanting to live. Those idiots last night.., their outfits dont make any sense, they look like ass pirates. Warriors? Dress like a barbarian, not like Johnny Depp

  4. Oh, yeah, both contestants possessed an extremely high douchebag factor.

  5. Nothing will ever beat the Duck Pond. Hands down the best fan club ever

  6. Those mustache guys were actually pretty funny on the broadcast. I didn’t know they were in costume though, I just thought they were wops from South Philly.

  7. I was a couple rows behind the greek guys last night. Hell i even got my photo with them. If they were being out of control and didn’t care about any other fans I would pick them. But since they only put on a show when the camera was on and then sat down not to block any other fans, they are cool with me as well as all the other people that sat around them (high fives galore at the end of the game). Yes I agree “warriors” was a stretch and its definitely no Wolf Pack or Cole Miners, but they had a fun time and enjoyed themselves, which is the goal of going to a ball game…

  8. This jerk is just as bad as the guy I sat next to at last year’s Devils playoff game. He wore a Flyers jersey over his Devils jersey because his girlfriend who was a Flyers fan wouldn’t let him wear his Devils jersey into the then Wachovia Center. He did the same thing and changed in his seat. Pretty lame!

  9. Nothing douchey about the chara guy.. just a big homo. but the pirate guy has me at a loss for words of how fucking dumb that was and troubling to think more and more people are coming dressed to CBP in nonsense like that. wasnt even funny.

  10. can people not read? they were dressed AS evzones, greek royal guard warriors. not spanish pirates.

  11. Is that Holmes from “Holmes on Homes” in the upper left in the Phillies picture??
    Also, the Boston fan should be teabagged.

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