That’s B, some Russian alpha combo, gal, more Russian. Got it?

Every year, in every sport, we take a liking to some random B+ athlete. They’re the soup du jour, or the player of the day, if you will. That sounds good, and we’ll have that.

This summer will be no different. Everyone is aboard the Ilya Bryzgalov train.  [CSN Philly via NBC Sports– so, themselves]

“He would love the adulation he’d get in Philadelphia,” the source said. “This is a big guy, who plays back in the net and can play a lot of games for the Flyers. Phoenix and the Flyers have had some talks this season about trades, includingJeff Carter."


With that last line, a summer of “Get rid of Carter, sign Bryganoy” will start. I can hear the 610 calls now: “Ey, Carter doesn’t care, he just drinks. Get that Russian guy, Briesben, from Phoenix.”

Breezegalono would be an excellent addition, but he may or may not ever play here. Even worse – sets aside my extraordinarily high number of Morning Carts page views – it might not be the best idea to get rid of Carter. Obviously, the organization likes him- he was just signed to an 11-year deal. Further, his type of talent doesn’t come along often. Sure he loafs, disappears during key stretches, and spreads his seeds like a highly-caffeinated bee, but you can’t coach what Carter has. He’s a naturally gifted scorer who can score 30 goals almost by accident. I won’t get all preachy on you, however…

… just don’t go wishing away the seventh leading scorer in the league to make room for an exotic sounding 31-year-old goaltender who just got swept by a team that is sitting at home right now.