Your Flyers Game Day Roundup


Carts may be re-engaging (photo from last year's playoffs)

– Paul Holmgren – liar – says Jeff Carter is a game-time decision. Carter skated with the team this morning. Pronger did not, and will likely not play.

– Boucher, Bob, and Backlund (third-string) are the goalies. Where is Michael Leighton?!

– Interesting look back to last summer, when the Flyers considered trading for Tim Thomas, but called him "too expensive." 


7 Responses

  1. Boosh will be starting.
    Think much has changed since last year? Thomas was “too expensive.” Would have been a steal. Richards and Carter were the only untouchables… They may still be untouchable, but you’d definitely have to add Giroux and JVR to that list. Giroux and JVR may be the only outright untouchables, anyway.

  2. The Flyers better show something tonight. Perhaps we could get Backlund a shot. Why not? That move might make the most sense right now given all of the nonsense this team makes us put up with.

  3. We need to go after Semyon Varlamov this offseason. The Caps are gonna go with Neuvirth and Varlamov is gonna leave, he’s young and very good, and him and Bob are both Russian. Varlamov speaks a lot more English than Bob so he can help him with that too. They’d be a great goalie tandem.

  4. If you’re gonna go after a goalie in the offseason, it HAS to be Ilya Bryzgalov. Has to. Varlamov is the same as every other semi-promising goalie we’ve had over the past 20 years.
    But… THIS season is not over yet. Let’s Go Boosh, Let’s Go Flyers!

  5. Flyers will not be able to afford Bryz.
    Not optimistic about our chances this series if Pronger is not coming back. We can win tonight, though.

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