Your Flyers Surgery Roundup

Everybody needs surgery!

According to the Flyers, Blair Betts (finger), Andrej Meszaros (wrist), Mike Richards (wrist), Kris Versteeg (hernia), and Michael Leighton (hip- bears aren't meant to move laterally) all need surgery.

In addition to that, Scott Hartnell, Jeff Carter, and Chris Pronger may need surgery on their hip, hip, and back, respectively. Jesus, will someone call Life Alert already? What is it with all the bad hips? And more importantly, how is this going to affect Carts in Sea Isle? These are questions. These are questions we need answered.

Of course, the last time a Flyer had hip surgery, he got to meet Anna Kournikova…

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  1. At this point, it’s probably easier to list those who don’t need surgery.

  2. Yeah trade Carts to Florida for Vokunn…..he get more action down there anyways…plus he continue to be a nonfactor in playoffs…as the Panthers are no where near making the postseason. Its a WIN WIN.
    I hate Carter….unless he learns how to hustle….every game all the time!

  3. Vokoun is 34, we’d be better of going after Bryzgalov (30). Although he had a poor post season showing. This is all assuming Holmgren will go after a goalie… sorry I just laughed so hard that I peed myself.

  4. Vokoon? Bryzgalof?
    Shyte, might as well try and get Dominik Hasek. Wouldn’t that be an interesting development.
    Ya know, it’s a vicious cycle with the injuries. During the regular season, you’re hurting and trying to make comebacks for the wins, but you wind up getting more hurt. Than you find yourself more hurt than ever going into the post season. maybe they should have let off the gas toward the end of the season (even though they were losing), rest some of the hurt players, and just be happy they get any playoff spot. If anything over the past few years, you don’t need to be a 1,2,3 seed to make it in the playoffs. Shyte, they’ve proven home ice advantage, while good for the fans, isn’t necessary. Look at the Lightning. They slid a little into their spot but they managed to stay pretty much healthy because they didn’t bust a nut trying to get the President’s Trophy.

  5. Goaltenders today are very unpredictable. Just look at Tim Thomas — he won the Vezina in 09, yet he was awful last year and didn’t even play in the playoffs. This year, he’s outstanding and poised to win it again.

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