Your Morning Injury Roundup

Joe Blanton and Shane Victorino are likely headed to the DL. Victo has a Grade 1 or 2 calf strain, and Blanton is just fat continues to struggle with elbow soreness. He'll have another MRI today to determine the severity.

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15 Responses

  1. Little Kyle should be taken out behind the shed and put to sleep.

  2. More injuries? WTF? Are the baseball gods giving us a heavenly smackdown for our hubris over our thinking we already had the World Series won after we assembled The Four Aces?

  3. Blanton = faking injury to keep self off trade list so as to stay with team into postseason and attempt to get another Ring….

  4. Kendrick = pitches who just takes days off…not ready to play when called on clearly….shows lack of readiness…his lil idol Halladay would have been ready I am sure…

  5. where’s the athletic trainers with all these injuries? we’re looking like last years red sox!

  6. @Schmitty – Yes, they are. But even last year’s injured Sox we’re hitting better than us.

  7. If Cheeseburger Joe ate a cold, leftover cheeseburger, would that create some sort of existential paradox?
    “Vanimal” Vance “RecSpecs” Worley will be back soon. Rejoice!

  8. @NickFromGermantown, the RecSpecs reference is a sign of true Philadelphia Rec Department youth soccer player.

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