Your Morning Quickie

This isn’t really enough to call it a "roundup," so we’ll give a name with sexual undertones and throw you a few informative links. Sound good? Good.

– Ed Snider is clearly not happy with goaltender roulette.

– Carlos Ruiz is expected to rejoin the Phillies tomorrow (after playing in a rehab game tonight with Chase and Oswalt in Clearwater), which is good because Brian Schneider tweaked his hammy last night.

– Per your request- The Union tied last night (I’m shocked…)

Ryan Bright doesn’t want you to pin the Flyers troubles on Michael Richards, as the Flyers are now calling him.

Screen shot 2011-05-12 at 8.52.29 AMDr. Culp is, of course, the Philly hand expert who has operated on Dom Brown, Chase Utley, and… yours truly, among others.

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12 Responses

  1. Person 1: Hey I just saw Michael Richards at the bar.
    Person 2: You mean the racist guy from Seinfeld that yelled the N word repeatedly on camera?
    Person 1: No, the captain of the Flyers.
    Image makeover complete!

  2. haha- i broke it playing in a hockey game. actually, i got sucker punch and MY wrist broke. figure that one out.
    yes, michael sounds more astute i suppose

  3. i like the idea of two captain richards. mike the laid back partier who wins no cups and michael the psycho-racist win at all costs captain who goads pk subban into taking numerous unnecessary penalties. 2011-2012, the season of captain michael richards

  4. also, i really hope they don’t sign bryzgalov since he chokes in the playoffs….how funny would it be, and by funny i mean unbelieveably insane if they brought back Emery….HAH.
    don’t forget about osgood, he’s a(n) ufa as well….flyers love signing aging players.

  5. I completely forgot that Philly had a diving team….. soccer, i meant soccer….

  6. Newsflash from the front: Chairman Snider is unhappy with the goalie roulette! Yo, Ed! So are we!

  7. “you had hand surgery? what for? Blogger’s Wrist?” Posted by: K | May 12, 2011 at 09:00 AM

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