Your Move, Lauren Hart

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We've been playing Lauren Hart's (spliced with Kate Smith) rendition of God Bless America before road games in the playoffs and will continue to do that. But, for obvious reasons, we'll begin to use the version we're going to see tonight. Versus confirmed it will be shown live on TV.

Here's Lauren on singing it tonight: [NHL]

"Not until (Monday) morning while listening to the radio and hearing the people talk about 'God Bless America' tonight did it dawn on me that this would be important to people and it would be a special moment for everybody in that building tonight.
"I feel so fortunate to do what I do," she continued. "I really see the people and I really do look at faces and I see how they react. I know there's going to be a lot of tears. I see it on a regular basis, but (Monday), I know it'll turn into something even greater."


Bit of a slow day blogging. It's a little tough to be a sarcastic prick while such syrupy goodness about bin Laden using one of his wives as a human shield during the attack is revealed. We'll be all over the Flyers post game.


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  1. Kyle didn’t know this cause he was at the game but those miserable NBC pudknockers went to commercial during “God Bless America” for game 1. G*ddamn pinko communists. I’m sure this is what caused the bad juju for Game 1.
    I hope it’s true that Versus will show it, since they had in the past, but everyone please go to the Youbtubes and listen to your own favorite version:
    Sorry I’m repeeting but this is IMPORTANT! Thank you. GO FLYERS! And God Bless America.

  2. I’m kind of over Lauren Hart and Kate Smith singing it “together”. I would much prefer to have just the Kate Smith version. Or if they are going to continue to do it as a duet Lauren needs to practice it more so that it is in sync with Kates version….sorry Lauren!

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