Your Vote Counts: CB Reader Survey

We’re in for a long stretch of baseball. The Flyers will have a much longer offseason than they did last year, the Sixers always do, and there may not be football for, like, 10 years. In an effort to keep this site entertaining during the one-sport months of the year, tell us more about what interests you.

We’ll continue to make fun of the Mets, other cities, and Chris Wheeler. There will be plenty of Morning Carts (seeing as though Jeff has like four months to get it in). And, in general, we’ll continue to do what we do. But with less real “news” coming through, we’re opening it up to you, the reader, to tell us what you want to read about.

We’re going to start doing some non-sports related stuff, like Best Sandwich in Philly quest, which we’ll launch soon, maybe some – very selective – movie commentary, and other assorted stuff that interests most of you. The overall content of the site won’t change, but instead of leaving the page stagnant in the absence of anything tangible, we might fill in some pop culture stuff.

Here’s your chance to give some feedback (instead of bitching about changes in the comments). Your help is greatly appreciated. Your contact info will be kept private (no email address needed).


Give it a quick jump, please.