Sticky Post: $10 All You Can Eat and Drink Tailgate on June 25th

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Once again, along with our friends from Philly Phaithful, we will be hosting another all-you-can-eat-and-drink tailgate in Jetro lot on Saturday, June 25th.


When: 3-7 P.M., Saturday, June 25th

Where: Back of Jetro Lot, alongside the Jetro building, towards I-95

Food and drink: There will be food and drink provided by Drinkers Philadelphia and others (more info soon).

Tickets to the tailgate: $10 gets you all you can eat and drink for four hours.  You will be given a cup (21+ only) and have access to burgers, dogs, hoagies, etc. You can get it right here.

Tickets to the game: If you don't already have tickets, there are over 3,300 tickets available at Crossing Broad Tickets, many for under $50. These are pretty much all of the remaining tickets available on the secondary market. 


We're happy to announce that Chevy and Drinkers Philadelphia will be official sponsors. We will have plenty of food and drink. We did learn some things from our first one, however. There WILL be a second tap to prevent any long lines, and there will be a wider assortment of (and more) food. We will be in the same spot as last time, in back of the Jetro lot (lower level!), towards I-95, just along the side of the Jetro Cash and Carry [map here]. Basically, when you pull into the N Lot, you'll want to go straight back along the side of the Jetro building. Look for a white Philly Phaithful banner, a brand spankin' new Chevy Silverado, and a lot of people.

In addition to food and beer, we will have beverages and other assorted snacks. Family friendly, yo. $10 gets you access to all of it. 

Once again, we anticipate having plenty of food and drink, but please make sure you buy a ticket online so we have an idea as to how much to bring. If there are any last minute location changes, we will update them on the site.

You have two things to do:

1) Get a $10 ticket for all you can eat and drink from 3-7. Right here.

2) If you don't already have them, get tickets for the game. Right here.

We would like to thank our friends from Chevy for providing a brand new Silverado to transport the goods, and Drinkers Philadelphia, our new official sponsor. They will be sponsoring our weekly CB Six Pack, offering up prizes each week to a contest winner. In addition, I’ll be hosting a sports-related quizzo at Drinkers Tavern once a month and they will be sponsoring our revamped podcast (wait until you see some of the guests we have lined up). More details to follow on that stuff.

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29 Responses

  1. The A’s never played in Philadelphia stupid! The only baseball team that’s ever played in Philly are the PHILLIES!!!!! DUH!

  2. What kind of beer you guys plan on having? I personally dont care but i have snobby friends I am trying to convince to join.

  3. I just always happen to have a ticket to the game when you have a tailgate party. Rock on… See you the 25th. Possibly with Jello shots.

  4. @Kyle Scott
    right right…I did NOT receive any alcoholic beverages at the first crossingbroad tailgate.

  5. Vinnie- Buy them online if you can. That way Kyle can have a somewhat general headcount, and that I don’t run out of beer to drink cause some jackasses decided to just show up when they could have bought tickets. Thanks.

  6. i can guarantee the absolute destruction of those kegs as a way to better understand what happened today, am i right?

  7. should my group joining the tailgate worry about bringing reserve beers or will there be enough to go around?

  8. Yo, my 3 friends bought tickets to this…I just got two tickets to the game and was wondering if I can give 20 for the two of us when we get down there to join them? Thanks.

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