Actual Video of the Phanatic Getting Hit With Foul Ball

Here's video of the moment the ball hit the Phanatic's neck and his good buddy Tom Burgoyne's face: [6 ABC via Service Electric Cable]


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  1. I can’t believe this is the first time this has happened to the greatest mascot in all of sports. Just another chapter in the legend.

  2. You can tell how effective the Phanatic is because when he gets hit, the people around him laugh like it’s the funniest f’ing the ever. I dont’ think people immediately remembered there’s a freaking guy in there and that if any fan in the seats got pegged in the face they wouldn’t be hysterical like that. In a way this is even more to Tom’s credit that he went with it and still entertained the fans, despite being clearly injured.

  3. ^^Agreed its actually pretty amazing that he’s able to shake of a hardball to the face, shake it off and keep being the “Fanatic”
    When looking closely, the ball hits him directly where the human face rests. He has few moments of actual shock but he ignores it and feigns death.
    If it were me, I’d say fuck this and take off my costume and break character, rubbing the pain off my swollen face.
    Not to mention he got a concussion.

  4. COSTUME?!! What? Hey, what do you mean? Like when he dresses up like Lady Gaga?

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