Alex Rodriguez is an Idiot


Not that you didn’t know that already, but we just like to hammer that point home from time to time.

According to CNBC’s sports business reporter, Darren Rovell, A-Rod is endorsing Vita Coco, one of the leaders in the latest coconut water fad- no, really. There’s one problem: [CNBC]

The folks at Zico, Vita Coco's biggest competitor, which is going head-to-head in a battle to become the leader in the growing $200 million space, say A-Rod is an investor in their company.

Mark Rampolla, Zico's CEO, told CNBC that he was surprised when he saw news of A-Rod's latest partnership.

"Alex has been an investor for a couple years," Rampolla said. "And it's not chump change either. It's a hell of a lot more money than I ever invested in the company."


To recap: Alex Rodriguez is promoting a product for, in effect, his own competitor.

When asked about it, A-Rod gave the douchiest answer possible:

"What I will say is that since Zico changed their formula to concentrate, I felt that the taste and functionality was compromised and that's when I started to only drink Vita Coco. I love the taste and purity of Vita Coco."


Oh my god. Did he just invoke his advanced coco-water palate? Hate probably isn't the right word to describe how you should feel about him… but disdain works.

Zico’s CEO said he has been sending Rodriguez his product for months, and even has video of him drinking the “from concentrate” version and recommending it.

If you’re thinking that his is really weird, don’t worry, so are we. 


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  1. So if the Yanks play the Phils in the world series, we can get him to bat for us and he will be none the wiser? Sounds like a plan.

  2. He’s right though….Zico has more of a snot consistency than Vita Coco. He still sucks though…..

  3. dude has Centaur pictures, of him as the Centaur…would you expect anything less from this self obsorbded douche?

  4. When Coco-Rod tongues my waxed goodness, he always washes it back with the real stuff. Not that concentrate. Nothing but the best for my widdle Coco-Rod.

  5. Kylie u have to post that dude they showed rocking the iLL tank top after j roll hit the hr

  6. you forgot to mention that he has the largest sports contract on earth and makes more than $27M a year.

  7. post some pics of that chick behind that idiot who caught that hr that was called back

  8. And Cameron Diaz has the hots for this loser? So where’s her common sense?

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