UPDATE: Some people thought the stock photo used to go with the post – Chase Utley lighting a cigar – was supposed to be from yesterday. It wasn't. My bad for not being more clear on that, but some of you in the comments need to use more brain cells.

Screen shot 2011-06-15 at 5.17.33 PM

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17 Responses

  1. the pic clearly isnt from today, probally more like 2008 .. if @magelb sent it in clearly hes a fraud.

  2. Pretty sure that’s a beer bottle as well in the back – and it’s dark out….and they are wearing windbreakers…fraud.

  3. As soon as I saw this I could tell it’s a complete fraud. It’s not even dark outside yet and they are clearly wearing the black Champion hats and just look at their attire, gloves and those heavy windbreakers…

  4. uh, no offense but I don’t think he was using the picture in a literaly sense. I think he was using a picture to go with the story. I guess I was the only one to figure that out.

  5. Those pics are from the 08 world series. I’ve seen them before. Why would you even post these. You guys are pathetic. I look at your site just to see what you guys fuck up or blunder. Not for good sports information.

  6. So much fail in these comments.. obviously its from the world series but the picture just relates to the cigar story. Im shocked no one on here posted that the picture of the four aces playing pool was a fraud lol.

  7. What are you going to do next? Run video of a storm from Coors Field in 2007 and play it off like it was a week ago?
    /Fox Philly’d

  8. Anyone who didn’t immediately recognize that photo as being from the greatest sports related moment in the last 3 years of their lives is quite simply retarded.

  9. This site inspires some of the greatest idiots to comment some of the dumbest things. The comments are almost as good as the stories… “Idiots”-KS

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