Brian Cashman Confirms That He’s Not Ruben Amaro

Oh my, how the world has turned.

In two separate articles this weekend, Brian Cashman talked about the Yankees' need for an ace… and the fact that he is, indeed, not Ruben Amaro:

[MLB Trade Rumors]

Rosenthal asked Yankees GM Brian Cashman if he would consider trading for an ace, and Cashman replied, "I'm not Ruben Amaro," referring to the Phillies GM and his affinity for blockbuster trades.



Pitching is obviously the biggest difference, a matter not lost on Yankees general manager Brian Cashman a couple of hours before his team sent out Brian Gordon to face the Texas Rangers on Thursday afternoon in the Bronx. That's the same Brian Gordon who a week ago Saturday pitched his final game for the Phillies' triple-A Lehigh Valley franchise.

"They got Cliff Lee, I got Brian Gordon," Cashman said. "I don't think they have anything to worry about."


Heh. This is all funny because Cashman was Amaro before Amaro was Amaro. 

The new Evil Empire, or Phillies "Death Star," if you will. Sorry, I had to make a Star Wars reference there.


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  1. I love watching the Yankees suffer… even if we are three and a half months away from the playoffs.

  2. Heh! It’s certainly good to be king. And I’m not talking about Lebron either!

  3. I don’t even know how to feel about this, I used to hate the “Yankee way” of doing things…spending seemingly unlimited money, buying championships, etc. That was before CBP opened and we became better at it than they are. Now, if I’m being honest, I’m totally cool with it. Yep, I’m a total hypocrite, but fuck teams like Kansas City and Pittsburgh if they can’t make the revenue that we can, fuck em.

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