Carlos Ruiz Staves Off Wussification of Beisbol

Carlos_ruiz_plateSource: Zimbio

Ever since MLB darling Buster Posey got his leg broken by Scott Cousins last week, a number of baseball folks have called for a rule change to protect catchers. Paul Hagen asked Carlos Ruiz his thoughts: []

"When the game is on the line, I don't think you're going to [do anything differently]. You're the catcher. You're going to want to stay there. You're going to stay because you want to win. So it's hard to think that way because everything happens real fast," he added philosophically.

"If not, don't be a catcher. If you're going to catch, you have to love catching. Everything about it. It's hard. It's not easy. But you have to do it."


Chooooooooooooooooch. I highly contest that Ruiz added anything "philosophically," however.

Mick Billmeyer, a former catcher, pointed out that if it wasn't Posey, this most likely wouldn't be an issue:

"I think it's just part of the game," he said. "And I'll be honest with you. He's the cleanup hitter in their lineup. I'm not sure they're talking about it day in and day out if it's the backup catcher. If it was Eli Whiteside or Dane Sardinha or Brian Schneider, I don't think they'd talk about it."


Nail on head, Mick. Nail on head.


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  1. seriously if Brian Sabian is fined the MLB is a sham. Guy came out and pretty much said he wants Cousins dead. Like you said any other catcher and no one has an opinion, and it certainly isn’t a national story. Pete Rose ran over a catcher in an all star game and people love him. He also probably ran over 15 other catchers and no one cared about them because they weren’t 22 year old baby faced clean up hitters. the whole thing is ridiculous take your paycheck, play the game hard, and don’t whine about the rules: or don’t be a catcher.

  2. Didn’t Carlos Santana — the kid from the Indians, not the guitar player — break something in his leg during a collision at the plate? Where the hell were the rally cries for change then?
    Oh, right, his team didn’t win the Series the year before and he lacked a R.O.Y. award on his mantle. Give me a break. The Giants want to keep wearing those world series patches on their arm, they better suck it up, absorb the blow, and continue to win.

  3. If Ray Fosse had a better agent back in 1970 and fought to outlaw home plate collisions, this wouldn’t be an issue today. Hell, even Fosse came out and said there was no need for any rule changes! Meanwhile, Billmeyer hit the nail dead on the head, if some lowly backup who played maybe two or three times a month had been wiped out instead of MLB wunderkind Buster Posey, nobody would be talking about this matter. N-O-B-O-D-Y!

  4. Thats why those two guys are Philly guys! Can’t stand the heat? Get the F out the kitchen bitches!

  5. Buster Posey is the next Sidney Crosby. The media and the sport’s golden boy who got hurt in the same way hundreds of players have in the past. But since it’s him, now there’s talk of rule changes. Quick blowing sunshine up this kid’s ass and play the sport how it should be played.

  6. Fresh, you’re on to something. I’ve been comparing Cindy Crysby and Buster Posey ever since Buster got called up. They’re both great players, but extremely irritable and sizable toolsheds.

  7. No, Bryce Harper is the next Sidney Crosby. The kid has done NOTHING in the MLB and people are already christening him “The Chosen One.” Let the kid prove himself first.

  8. Yo, James, if Harper does prove himself, it’ll be in the outfield as the gNats removed him from working as a catcher which was the position he was signed as. A smart move? Well, after what happened to MLB’s last “Chosen One” (Posey), perhaps.

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