CB on CSN’s Lunch Break with Rhea Hughes

I was the guest on Lunch Break with Rhea Hughes today. We talked about Rory McIlroy, Roy Oswalt's declining fastball, and Harry Kalas announcing Bruce Springsteen hitting a home run off the Big Man (yep), who passed away this weekend.

I'm sure most of you want to see what it looks like when a pasty blogger comes out of his basement to do real, big people things. I'm fairly certain I was pronouncing McIlroy's name because I watch about five minutes of golf per month. Be gentle.

You can catch Lunch Break every weekday at 12:30 on CSNPhilly.com.

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22 Responses

  1. Yea, the fact that Morning Wood: Late Night Limpness was shown clearly for an extended period of time makes this a job well done.

  2. Cleanly shaved she was Kyle. And the strap is all hanging out… She wants you. You looked nervous. I’d have ran like the hounds of hell were at my heels if she announced that to me. You have strong fortitude young Jedi. She was totally running her foot up your pant leg the whole time wasn’t she? Wasn’t she Kyle?

  3. Lol nice job Kyle.. but why didnt you slap her when she kept say Mcllroy’s name wrong! WTF RHEA! You said you were watching it! So you should know what the hell his name is!!

  4. I used to think diarrhea was my least favorite ‘rhea but now i think Rhea Hughes is my least favorite ‘rhea. She is AWFUL.
    Awkward is the best word to explain this video…

  5. I’ve been calling crossingbroad the most irrelevant Philly sports blog for years now! (I kid, I kid)

  6. Was waiting for the patented “The funny thing about Oswalt’s back, Janice, is…” but it never came.

  7. Kyle you were right, Rhea was wrong. How the hell do you not know how to pronounce Rory McIlroy’s name by now? IMO, Kyle you should have the show and let Rhea do what she does. Which is what exactly?

  8. I hate to say this with everyone getting annoyed, but she said it more right, though both sound weird to me. He’s a “Mc”, it sounds like you (Kyle) are saying “Mac”, there is a different between them. It doesn’t really matter, but some people get pissed when you say it wrong.
    You can trust me, I’m Scottish (FACT: Scottish people are 37% more trustworthy than anyone else)

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