Chase and Jennifer Utley Continue to Fight Animal Abuse, Offer Opportunity to Kids


Just another day in the life of Chase and Jen.

Earlier today, the Utleys visited a recently completed mural, located across the street from the Anna B. Pratt Elementary School in North Philly. 

The mural, an initiative of the Utley Foundation, was painted by Chase and Jennifer, students of the school, and volunteers from the city’s Mural Arts Program to raise awareness for animal cruelty. Students had a chance to submit poster, essay, and photo entries expressing their personal feelings about animals. The winners had their faces included in the mural, which featured other representations to raise awareness for animal kindness.

After the event, Chase and Jen headed over to the school to take pictures with students… and individually high five each one of them.

In an area of the city not far off from where 14 people were recently arrested on dog fighting charges, the work being done by the Utley’s to promote kindness towards animals is sorely needed. Golf claps for Chase and Jen.

Here’s a quick photo gallery, because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to see Chase being the man? ………. Thought so.

Video after the jump, too.

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8 Responses

  1. If she’s not pregnant, she probably really appreciates that everyone noticed she’s gained a few pounds.

  2. too many Schmidtters, probably nervous eating due to the lack of offense.

  3. Definitely pregnant- would be timed perfectly for an offseason birth. No word on if Jen will blow past second and go first-to-third trimester.

  4. mlb and comcast took down the video? why, do they now control and own every aspect of the players’ lives? What about the philly mural arts foundation, can they host this video, or did they also violate MLB’s monopoly on anything and everything associated with the players, including their discarded toenail clippings?
    Newsflash to mlb advanced media and comcast: you SERVE the community, you don’t own us…we are not your slaves, we’re the ones that keep you in business…

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