Chris Pronger Gets Caught with Open Mic on Podcast, Says Mike Keenan was “Shitfaced”


This comes via reader Tom, who found this post on Deadspin, which we somehow missed on Tuesday.

Chris Pronger appeared on NHL Radio Friday morning to talk about the playoffs and the upcoming Game 7 between the Bruins and Lightning. While the hosts threw it to Boston for a report, the studio mics remained on. That's when Pronger talked about his first Game 7… which came as a 22-year-old during a 1996 series against the Red Wings. It seems then coach Mike Keenan wasn't too thrilled with the team's play.

Host: We're off and running.

Host: Gretzky was in that game…

Pronger: Thank fucking God I wasn't on the ice. Because I would have been blamed for it. Mike was there, that year. 

We got spanked in that series, we lost the first game tight, 3-2, whatever, second game we got blown out 8-1, and it was like an NBC game, or whatever it was. And, oh my God, hecame in and just fucking ripped everybody, tore Gretzky a new ass, and I'm sure he'd never had that happen before, and that was it, he was like, I'm not re-signing here, I'm done. That was it. Mike showed up at his hotel that night, it was an afternoon game —that night showed up shitfaced at his room, he was staying at the Ritz in St. Louis.


Annnd scene.

The audio – via Deadspin – is after the jump. Pronger unplugged is always fun.


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