So The Four Aces Are Playing Fantasy Baseball…

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This is awesome.

You like fantasy baseball, I like fantasy baseball, and so do the Four Aces. Of course, they can influence the outcome and are probably playing for what you make in a year…

A great article in today's Inquirer talks about the little fantasy baseball handy-jammy the Aces are playing. They've enlisted the help of Pete Mackanin to come up with a point system for when they're at the plate. They get a point for each of the following:

Successful bunt



Quality at-bat (one that lasts at least five pitches)


Hit by pitch 

Line-drive out 


They are deducted one point for each: 

Failed bunt attempt

Double play


Not exactly that complex (let me suggest two points for an infield single and three points for an extra base hit), but it works. Mackanin does throw in some random bonuses- Hamels got a third of a point for a triple and Lee got two thirds of a point for slapping the ball to the left side of the infield:

When he learned of the scoring decision, Roy Halladay was incredulous.

"You gave Lee two-thirds of a point?" he asked Mackanin. "I said, 'Yeah.' " Then the pitcher started laughing.


There is an undisclosed amount of money on the line (read: a lot) and Hamels currently leads with 15 points. Lee and Oswalt are tied for second with 12, and Halladay is last with 8. No Joe Blanton. He's the only one with a World Series home run…

Great read here.


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