X-rays Negative on Hamels

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Cole Hamels left today's game after the fourth inning. He was hit by a line drive off the bat of Adrian Gonzalez.

It hit him in his non-throwing hand and knocked his glove off (looked like it hit the padded part of his hand). He threw a couple of warm-up pitches and got the final out of the inning. Tom McCarthy said he has a "hand contusion."

David Herndon came in to replace him. I started typing this when Hamels came out of the game, there are now two outs… with two men on base and one run already scored. Herndon!

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X-rays on his hand were negative, according to the Phillies. He's listed as day-to-day and scheduled to make his next start.


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  1. Be horrible to lose another ace to injury. Pitchers are the main reason we’ve been winning this year!

  2. I’ve got the Realtime option on for Google, basically filtering through twitter, facebook, and other SN Updates as well as some blogs… There’s a LOT of Herndon hate, and its totally understandable. There was one entry in there who didn’t understand the Herndon hate, and said he’s been getting better… But, seriously. If I’m improving from horrible to bad I still probably shouldn’t be pitching, wait WHY IS HERNDON *STILL* PITCHING?!

  3. i can’t watch the game bc i’m at work but as soon as i saw that cole was taken out and herndon came in, i knew things were going to go down hill. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand they did. fuck. we need some bats now. it’d be sweet to sweep the bosox.

  4. As for today’s game, who cares? We won the series, and that’s good enough for me. The more important issue is Hamels, at least he was hit in his non-pitching hand, so that’s a good thing, relatively speaking. However, if he winds up on the DL, things could start getting dicey.

  5. I love Cole Hamels, and hope he’s ok, but…. leaving a game like this is why people perceive him as a “softie”. Think Doc or Cliff abandon the hill in the same situation?

  6. @fcskills, there is no way Lee or Halladay leave that game. Their hand would have to be literally falling off for them to leave. Even Oswalt wouldn’t leave. I mean shit, he’s pitched with a bulging disc for weeks now. Hamels leaves the game because of a bruise. What a puss.

  7. @everyone-calling-Hamels-a-puss:
    Pitchers have left or been removed for far less. You don’t know the details of how hard it hit, how it hit, if it had hit a nerve, or if there’s any pain in the area to begin with. While it might not be something that Halladay or Lee does, I don’t think that calling him a puss without knowing the whole situation is fair.

    You people need to step the fuck off Hamels.
    Jesus Christ, yeah, he’s gotta be so soft. I mean, pussies always deliver in the big time moment to win multiple postseason MVPs, right? Oh? They don’t? Well, I guess he MUST NOT BE FUCKING SOFT. Give it up already.
    Guy is a special pitcher. You have no idea if it swelled up to the point he couldn’t get his hand back into the glove. I bet that’s a pretty good possibility- and if it happened to Halladay or Lee, no they would not be allowed to go back out the next inning.
    You people are fucking ridiculous

  9. @J.T., nobody is questioning his ability. Don’t know where you picked that one up. Must have been while you were gobbling Colbert’s cock.

  10. Lotta hate for Hamels. It’s entirely possible that Cholly, in a series we’ve already won, with 2 starters on the DL, would have pulled Halladay or Lee in this situation. Better safe than injured and unusable.
    Also, Cole Hamels and curl paint cans with his weiner.

  11. @Colin S., my point was that someone who is soft will not produce in the toughest moments. Hamels excelled. That means he is not soft, which is exactly what you guys were saying.

  12. @Vick Torino, Lee pisses rainbows and Halladay can extract water from rocks with his mean mug. No comparison

  13. @J.T., if you know Philadelphia fans, you should know that we all voice our knee jerk reactions. You know as well as I that I will be gobbling up his knob in his next outing when he’s throwin’ up dem zeroes on the board.

  14. @L2112Lif, I only spew hate on people that I expect better of (Hamels), I don’t expect any better of Herndon which is why I didn’t even address that topic.

  15. I want to build a cake made of smiles and rainbows and everyone could eat some and be happy

  16. @Colin S, so you’re hating on Cole, who threw four innings of good ball, and who probably ended up being tugged by a trainer AFTER the series was already won… As opposed to Herndon, who gave up three runs and Carpenter who gave up back to back HR’s?
    The mind reels.

  17. I hate on Cole because I expect and want him to be out there trying to sweep the stinkin’ Red Sox. It would have sent shock waves through the MLB if the Phils could have swept them. Would have been a big statement made. It’s hard to feel compassion for a guy that leaves the game with a bruised hand when we have guys like Lappy taking slap shots off the face and coming back in the same game.
    Or guys like Halladay who tear a groin muscle and gut it out and pitch effectively. Shame on me for feeling that a bruised, non-pitching hand doesn’t warrant a removal from the game. Especially since he finished the inning and could have gotten X-Rays between innings to see that it was only bruised.

  18. how about…who gives a shit about it all??? the game wasn’t a total wash. howard hit a homerun. we are still the best team in baseball. good bye, boston. amen.

  19. @Colin S, the pitcher’s spot was nearly up in the lineup, Preping the X-Ray, taking an X-Ray, analyzing the X-Ray, and then getting Cole back out was probably out of the question… And had Cole actually BEEN injured, I doubt that the pitching staff would’ve enjoyed shuttling him around quickly to re-join the dugout in time to (Possibly) hit and then pitch, only to end up exacerbating the injury.

  20. damn jt, dont be such a cole boy. for the record, this is the second time cole has left a game early for nothing. as great as cole is, he’s a nancy, get over it

  21. So, shame on us for assuming that his hand didn’t swell up/go numb etc., but no shame on you for assuming that’s how the whole X-Ray process would have gone down? Herndon’s spot in the lineup didn’t come up until after he pitched his second inning, at which point Michael Martinez pinch hit for him so your point about being close to his spot in the lineup isn’t entirely accurate.
    I understand that its only the regular season, blah blah blah, but this series carried way more weight than say, a series against the Pirates or any other dreck team out there. I guess I just put more emphasis on beating the best teams in the league than other do. Had it been a serious injury, then this conversation is moot, but seeing as its only a bruise, I’m not sure how you can exacerbate a bruise? Bruise it some more?

  22. Colin, Martinez was in the on-deck circle while Cole was still getting the X-Ray.

  23. And yes, you can bruise it some more. I’m a guitarist, I had a bruise on the ball of my thumb. Stupid me tried to play through it, now there’s a ton swelling and a strained ligament.

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