Cole Hamels Wouldn’t Speak to Media Because a Camera Filmed Him Without His Shirt on, Allegedly

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Get ready to get weird.

Cole Hamels didn't like being filmed with his shirt off… so he didn't speak to the media about his hand injury. We'll let beat writer Randy Miller (@randymiller) tell the story:

Hamels says a TV cameraman was shooting him while he dressed, but when reporters walked in clubhouse I saw Hamels completely dressed. I don't know if any TV cameras were in before Manuel's post-game talk was over in another room, but Hamels did blow us off. Just found out that Phils clubhouse was open early for Channel 10 and ESPN. Someone apparently shot Hamels with shirt off, a no-no. When I entered Phils clubhouse, I saw Hamels completely dressed … but apparently he already was upset at that point & decided not to talk.


Howard Eskin chimed in:

Randy, what did the cameraman do ?



He filmed Hamels with his shirt off.


I feel so, so icky. 

Weak sauce from Cole. He's one of the best pitchers in baseball and most important players on the team who pitched today and was hit with a line drive. It's a give a take: two weeks ago, he held a charity event where over a dozen media outlets showed up to cover the work he was doing off the field. Why? Because he plays for the Phillies, not because of what he was doing. That's a fact. Part of the deal there, as it is with all athletes, is that he uphold his end of the bargain. Leaving a game and needing x-rays makes him the story from today's game. It's not a huge deal, but just another one of those "Cole" things that keeps him from being mentioned in the same breath as Roy and Cliff… because he's been every bit as good on the field.

Amaro says he expects him to make his next start, but he's not 100% sure. No word from Cole…


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  1. I always hear Amy Fadool always tries to get a look at his dick

  2. Im not that unhappy, i would actually have told him to stop talking i wouldnt want to be distracted from his body

  3. Great, here come more Cole-ripping comments. Couldn’t be he’s frustrated because he had to come out of a game and the bullpen immediately blew it, then the media did something they are not supposed to? No, it must be that Cole is a prissy little pansy pussy, right?

  4. Cole is always a stand up guy and always is accountable after his games. This is unusual for him and I will give him the benefit of a doubt. He was having a great game in which he was dealing and had a great chance to win his 10th game against a team he usually beats and he’s soft. SMH. I don’t understand the Hamels hate in this town and because he doesn’t want to be filmed shirtless doesn’t make him less likeable than Lee or Halladay. I am really getting tired of the comparisons to Lee and Halladay as far as the fan base is concerned. Lee can burn down an orphanage on Christmas Eve and spurn the fans forever and he will be worshiped in this town.

  5. If he doesn’t want to be filmed with hie shirt off that is his choice. I know i wouldn’t want footage around with my shirt off if i planned on having a career outside of baseball, its unprofessional.

  6. Fuck that man..Thats his choice..Oh my goodness he doesn’t speak to the media once out of the whole year..Amaro updated the hand, that’s all that is bloody necessary.

  7. Back in April or May, a Phillies beat reporter (I think it was Randy Miller, actually) posted a link to a post-game video interview (with Cliff Lee, I believe) on Twitter, in which Cole Hamels could clearly be seen in the background walking to his locker with a towel around his waist. Once at his locker, Cole did what most would: dropped the towel and got dressed. And in doing so, the public was “treated” to a birds-eye view of his naked, then underwear-covered, then fully-clothed butt.
    Even though this was clearly visible in the background of the video, it was posted online anyway.
    Hence, if I were Cole and I saw a cameraman today filming me while I was getting dressed? I’d do exactly what he did. It may be his “obligation” to speak with the media, but why should he have to if they’re going to put him in an embarrassing situation like that?

  8. why should he have to talk to the media anyway??
    they were just part of the reason 2 stars were traded last week especially mike richards. if an athlete doesnt want to talk to the media, who cares?? especially when you know athletes give the same exact answers after every game

  9. who cares. it’s one of the few times he hasn’t talked to the media. big whoop. you’re trying to get the cole haters fired up. pointless

  10. This is just another example of the fine line with media being allowed in the ‘clubhouse’…it is the player’s office 50% of the time and should have some degree of privacy to it. The topic surfaces at least once a year (remember the ass on the chick getting catcalled in the Jets locker room and the uproar that fine ass created) and will continue to do so till they’re marked as off limits 100% of the time. (somehwat sidetracked by the mental picture of that ass, the chick’s ass, not Coles)
    Some athletes can talk to the media and feed off of it, see Pronger, Chris, and some just can’t find the feel for it and you’d have to think it impacts them to some level…either way, Cole’s having a great year, and if he doesn’t want to talk to the media today, that’s fine, you guys will hunt him down at some point and ask him all about it. Just hope he’s got his shirt on…

  11. I don’t blame him; I’m sure a lot of it was frustration about having to leave the game and not getting the win. Yeah, it’s a slightly odd quirk, but whatever. When he starts demanding bowls of only green M&M’s, we’ll talk.
    That being said, if my job required me to be as physically fit as humanly possible, if I were essentially getting paid to work out, you wouldn’t be able to keep a shirt on me. All locker room interviews would be shirtless or nothing.

  12. Just how many more shirtless athletes are you going to feature on the site this week Kyle? I’m really starting to worry about you.

  13. Plus, with franchise players like LaDainian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates on the roster, as well as promising young guys like Philip Rivers and Anotnio Cromartie

  14. To be fair, I don’t liked being filmed with my shirt off either…my third nipple creeps some people out.

  15. “Leaving a game and needing x-rays makes him the story from today’s game. It’s not a huge deal, but just another one of those “Cole” things that keeps him from being mentioned in the same breath as Roy and Cliff… because he’s been every bit as good on the field.”
    That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.

  16. So glad to see folks defending Cole. I can’t imagine how pissed and disappointed he must’ve been yesterday. From all accounts, he’s super gracious to his fans. That and the fact that he’s kicking ass at his job is what truly matters. The media should cut the guy some slack. Oh, and THANK YOU for posting that pic!

  17. It could be he was caught without that bandaid on that has become a staple of his on-the-mound-persona….he’s had that thing going for two weeks or so, maybe it’s not just a ‘pimple’…

  18. Hamels is paid to pitch, not to provide a free peep show for metro media dudes. What the holy Christ is going on with the men of the Phillies Nation? Any guy who is pissing and moaning because Hamels wants some cot damn privacy is a little SUSPECT in my book.

  19. Don’t do this shit. Don’t start something. This is not a big deal, but media makes it a big deal. You are feeding into it. Get over it and find something else to write about. You are being part of the problem with a post like this.

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