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Get ready to get weird.

Cole Hamels didn't like being filmed with his shirt off… so he didn't speak to the media about his hand injury. We'll let beat writer Randy Miller (@randymiller) tell the story:

Hamels says a TV cameraman was shooting him while he dressed, but when reporters walked in clubhouse I saw Hamels completely dressed. I don't know if any TV cameras were in before Manuel's post-game talk was over in another room, but Hamels did blow us off. Just found out that Phils clubhouse was open early for Channel 10 and ESPN. Someone apparently shot Hamels with shirt off, a no-no. When I entered Phils clubhouse, I saw Hamels completely dressed … but apparently he already was upset at that point & decided not to talk.


Howard Eskin chimed in:

Randy, what did the cameraman do ?



He filmed Hamels with his shirt off.


I feel so, so icky. 

Weak sauce from Cole. He's one of the best pitchers in baseball and most important players on the team who pitched today and was hit with a line drive. It's a give a take: two weeks ago, he held a charity event where over a dozen media outlets showed up to cover the work he was doing off the field. Why? Because he plays for the Phillies, not because of what he was doing. That's a fact. Part of the deal there, as it is with all athletes, is that he uphold his end of the bargain. Leaving a game and needing x-rays makes him the story from today's game. It's not a huge deal, but just another one of those "Cole" things that keeps him from being mentioned in the same breath as Roy and Cliff… because he's been every bit as good on the field.

Amaro says he expects him to make his next start, but he's not 100% sure. No word from Cole…