Ed_snider_comcastFuck it. Sell the Sixers, get me a goalie. [Photo source: Candice Monhollan]

Like a dog. Before a show. Only this pup has an overabundance of swingmen and a point guard with a burgeoning rap career.

John Miller, The Chief over at Philly Sports Daily, spoke to a source who said that Comcast has been prepping the Sixers for sale since last September, when 18-year company vet Russ Chandler was appointed CFO of Comcast-Spectacor, the branch of the company (partly owned by Ed Snider) that owns the Sixers, Flyers, and other sports properties. The source told Miller that since Comcast now owns NBC and just won the rights to the Olympics, they no longer need the Sixers, who are “small potatoes.”

While the sale would give the team some new life, there’s a downside: Given the fact that Comcast-Spectacor owns the Flyers, Sixers, and the Wells Fargo Center, there’s a lot of synergy between the two teams- they share a number of employees and services. A sale means that the Sixers would become renters in their own building, and some employees would likely be replaced.

In short, Comcast has become too big to give a shit about the Sixers. When asked if that was the case with the Flyers, the source kicked poor seven six while they're down:

“Comparatively speaking, one’s a gem and one’s a dog. They’re selling the dog,” the source said. “They’ll never sell the Flyers.”


Great read from Miller here. Rob Ellis goes deeper here (twss). And Philly Sports Daily also has a look at who the potential buyers are. Here’s a hint: One splits his time between New York and London, and the other has a family connection to The Smurfs. New mascot???

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