Cutting Prospects: Phillies Send Mayberry to Minors, Flyers Lose Rights to Swedish Goalie

Mayberry_runningHe was a noble steed… 

Oh hey, which positions are the Phillies and Flyers in dire need of? Powerful right-handed hitters and goaltenders, respectively. Both, in very different circumstances, were sent packing today.

The Phillies sent John Mayberry Jr. back to AAA to make room for Shane Victorino. This isn't shocking, but Mayberry is a very good fielder and provides right-handed power off the bench. The Phillies elected to hold on to Jose Ray Ass Light, Michael Martinez. This is pretty much the last – realistic – move you guys wanted to see in our Facebook poll.

Meanwhile, in Flyerland, Paul Holmgren confirmed that the Flyers lost the rights to Joacim Eriksson, a top Swedish goaltending prospect. Right, because they have such an abundance of capable net-minders…


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  1. i mean they need more than one backup infielder, they have plenty of outfielders. it’s not like mayberry’s gone forever, and it’s not like he was lighting it up exactly either. good fielder but so is victorino, and when shane’s healthy he starts every game. ibanez is raking and dom brown is doing work so ben gets to be a pinch hitter for a while and mayberry (the one who doesn’t have pinch hitting experience between him and ben) gets to start everyday in AAA. it is what it is, and everyone knew it was going to happen. the phillies don’t let go of rule 5 picks.

  2. Can’t say this move by the Phils came as any big surprise. Mayberry was seen as the most expendable outfielder while Martinez is more vaulable as an extra infielder. And yeah, the Phils hold on to Rule 5 picks like a drowning man holds on to a life preserver (see: Herndon, David).

  3. My gut reaction was to get upset about this…. but then i read chris’s post and totally couldnt agree more. I like big john, and i think he has the potential to be a semi-werth, with the right mix of coaching and playtime…. but he has to play everyday so its cool…. plus i would rather have D Brown(aka The Bizz) with the big club then Big john….

  4. John Mayberry=Wes Chamberlain.. All the tools but doesnt do anything in the bigs. It was between a pitcher, Mayberry, or Ben Fran. He’s had what 2, 3 Home Runs and hes power off the bench? Hmmm I think Ben Fran has 6 or 7. Right move Amaro..

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