Derek Lowe Almost Threw a No-Hitter Last Night, Here’s Video of His DUI Arrest


Never mind the fact that Greg Dobbs broke up his no-hit bid in the seventh inning, here's video, via 11 Alive in Atlanta, of Derek Lowe's DUI arrest on April 29th.

It's 20 minutes of sheer awkwardness. Lowe not once admitted having a drink. Instead, he spent the entire time talking about how he was golfing and lives nearby. 

About 10 minutes in, he finally dropped the baseball player line. The conversation that ensued was nothing short of hilarious:

Lowe: Once you say you play baseball, you're already guilty. I play for the Braves, so there you go.

Cop: I never heard anything about you playing baseball, you said you played golf tonight, today.

Lowe: I do, I play… Derek Lowe for the Atlanta Braves.

Cop: I don't know Derek Lowe from nobody. I don't even watch baseball.

Lowe: That's what I do.

Cop: I don't care nothing about baseball. You say you're a player?

Lowe: Yeah.

Cop: What position do you play?

Lowe: Starting pitcher, for the Braves.

Cop: What's your name again? [That's about the time she walked away from me]

Lowe: Derek Lowe.


The name's Lowe, Derek Lowe. Yeah, that approach didn't work. Bonus: We did find out that Lowe has ADD. I guess Stan Hochman's story about Shane Victorino's triumph over a disease that affects over 100 Major Leaguers isn't that incredible…

The video of Lowe's arrest is after the jump.


14 Responses

  1. He certainly seems sober. They were cool to Camaro guy.
    The khaki shorts and Porsche w. Florida plates is what I think pissed off the po-po!

  2. Country bumpkin cop was a fucking asshole…. This video only made me like Derek Lowe even more

  3. Wow. Just watched the video. That cop is a complete asshat…there was no racing or anything close to erratic driving anywhere on the dashboard camera video. I actually do feel bad for Derek Lowe now…not only did he have to go through this, but he also has to pitch in front of tens of dozens of chop-happy “fans” in Atlanta.

  4. The cop is a total J/O…he was just fucking with him on the ‘Follow the Finger’ test. D-Lowe played it well though, props to him.

  5. Despite the whole “racing” thing, he was speeding obviously. Also, Lowe wasn’t cooperating with the cop, denying the breath test.

  6. most of these tests are complete BS anyway because regardless of who you are, our natural reaction of most of us is to get nervous when dealing with the cops. I can walk a straight line buzzed, but sober with the nervousness of a cop and the added pressure to not mess up screws with your balance and concentration…after he stood on one foot for 20 seconds he shouldn’t of been arrested, Just another example of how cops abuse their ‘power’.

  7. These cops confirm why Turner Field is more than half empty whenever the Braves play. They have no clue who Derek Lowe is and they even state they “don’t care nothing about baseball”. I don’t dislike Derek Lowe, but he was cooperative with the cops and he was clearly not intoxicated. There was no reason for the cop to be such an asshole to him.
    Are you sure this isn’t a scene from Reno 911!? This is comical. I love the old guy with a cane walking through about 15 minutes through.

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