Chuuu chuuuuuz!

Nice find by Black Sports Online here. Late Tuesday night, DeSean Jackson Tweeted then deleted (poet!) about spending $25K at The Colony in Los Angeles:

Screen shot 2011-06-30 at 10.40.37 AM

$10k in 17 minutes… Jesus.

His buddy, (@iamKIDCALI), Tweeted a picture of the initial bill, which included: 

$2,500 on three giant bottles of Grey Goose

$850 on two bottles of Patron Silver

$4k on four bottles of Ace of Spades champagne

A $1,500 tip, over $900 in taxes and $48 on eight bottles of water


All of this, apparently, was to celebrate the launch of Jaccpot Records (coming soon!), D-Jac's new record label. And you wonder why NFL players go broke after their playing careers… Assuming Jaccpot Records is not yet profitable (safe bet), D-Jac isn't exactly "filthy rich." Full Court Pumps broke it down:

In 2010, Desean Jackson’s contract pays him $470k and $565k next year under the contract he signed with the Eagles in 2008. After paying for bills and agents and managers and taxes and everyone else who takes a dip into your money, Desean Jackson isn’t quite in the Randy Moss contract category which will pay Moss $6.4million or even Oakland Raiders’ wide reciever Darius Heyword-Bey’s contract that paid him a whopping $21.4million in 2010.


Of course, he has endorsement deals with Nike and others… but they probably don't pay enough to excuse a $25,000 bar tab. Further, the author at Full Court Pumps (no idea if that's legit or not) says D-Jac lost a $20,000 bet on video games. Take that with a grain of salt, though.

Sometimes it is so, so hard to side with the players in this lockout. But hey, at least Brittany got a nice tip.