DeSean Jackson Dropped $25,000 at Da Club on Tuesday

Chuuu chuuuuuz!

Nice find by Black Sports Online here. Late Tuesday night, DeSean Jackson Tweeted then deleted (poet!) about spending $25K at The Colony in Los Angeles:

Screen shot 2011-06-30 at 10.40.37 AM

$10k in 17 minutes… Jesus.

His buddy, (@iamKIDCALI), Tweeted a picture of the initial bill, which included: 

$2,500 on three giant bottles of Grey Goose

$850 on two bottles of Patron Silver

$4k on four bottles of Ace of Spades champagne

A $1,500 tip, over $900 in taxes and $48 on eight bottles of water


All of this, apparently, was to celebrate the launch of Jaccpot Records (coming soon!), D-Jac's new record label. And you wonder why NFL players go broke after their playing careers… Assuming Jaccpot Records is not yet profitable (safe bet), D-Jac isn't exactly "filthy rich." Full Court Pumps broke it down:

In 2010, Desean Jackson’s contract pays him $470k and $565k next year under the contract he signed with the Eagles in 2008. After paying for bills and agents and managers and taxes and everyone else who takes a dip into your money, Desean Jackson isn’t quite in the Randy Moss contract category which will pay Moss $6.4million or even Oakland Raiders’ wide reciever Darius Heyword-Bey’s contract that paid him a whopping $21.4million in 2010.


Of course, he has endorsement deals with Nike and others… but they probably don't pay enough to excuse a $25,000 bar tab. Further, the author at Full Court Pumps (no idea if that's legit or not) says D-Jac lost a $20,000 bet on video games. Take that with a grain of salt, though.

Sometimes it is so, so hard to side with the players in this lockout. But hey, at least Brittany got a nice tip.


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  1. Never mind the 800% mark-up for the liquor….what bottle of water costs $6? I hope Cliff Lee pissed a rainbow into it!

  2. Every player isn’t Desean Jackson. Hell, every Eagle isn’t Desean Jackson. He just happens to be particularly douchey out of a large group of players. Consequently, he has no part in the labor litigation. The lockout is still the owners’ fault, and despite Desean’s ridiculous bar tabs, he would rather be playing right now than not so he can make money to afford his bar tabs.
    It’s not like the owners don’t spend ridiculous amounts of money on unnecessary shit anyway. They’re locking the players out because the billionaires don’t think they make enough money as it is. Greedy fucks.

  3. im sorry ppl my earlier comment was rude and out of line plz accept my apology

  4. 20% Tip on a party of 1, as per the receipt. Wow, surprised they got away with that one.

  5. Holy Shyte! I glanced at the reeseat and thought the number was in cases, not bottles. Still a markup even if it was cases. Shyte, even if I wanted to go top shelf, I’d still pay much less at ABC/Publix/Walgreens.

  6. @Iron Balls –
    Dude, nobody up in Philly knows what the hell an ABC store is, let alone the glory of Publix.
    Boy do I miss Publix.

  7. Get it AWN, DESEAN!!!
    Who cares what professional athletes spend on celebrations? Really. Care about something important. Don’t care about how a professional athlete spends his money.

  8. He may have his moments on the field but this dumbass needs to grow the fuck up..I’m 19 and can easily handle money better than this fool..He’s too caught up in the trivial things in life..hopefully he’ll get some perspective before its too late.

  9. That’s how David Akers went broke from partying like that. Insane how these athletes can’t manage their $

  10. who cares how he spends his money now? all you gotta know is when his football career is over which prolly wont last more then 10 years, he is gonna be bankrupt, he is a typical moron that cant manage his money.

  11. and I’m sure the sca-roll he ponied up for the record label will have a great return — we’ll see him on HBO Real Sports in 15 years – all those leeches he calls friends will be gone — 3 ex-wives/baby mamas, 5 or 6 kids, and this time hee really will be working at Modell’s

  12. $Yo, ABC is heaven, not hell. I think some of the Wall Marts have liquor stores too. I sometimes go to the good old fashioned Ma & Pa booze stores, a couple of them here have drive-threw windows. Not to mention some of the mason-jar hooch whenever I’m in the glades. But single malt Irish Whiskey is still the best.

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