I have an idea: Let's organize a flash mob. We'll all gather at the Sunoco on Pattison Avenue Friday morning. We bring with us three things: pitchforks, drums, and trumpets. At high noon, we'll begin a march toward The Well, crossing over Broad in a festive and ironic fashion. If, by this point, Paul Holmgren has yet to sign Steven Stamkos or another suitable replacement for El Capitan, we'll hurl our pitchforks at the windows of The Well (to the sweat drop down our balls, to all these bitch… never mind). If luck is on our side, one of them will find the lap of Homer. However, should our hit-man sign an impact player, we'll bang our drums and blow our trumpets while a homeless guy we paid in free t-shirts holds up a stuffed-toy lion named Simba. This will be our offering to the man who turned Jeff Carter, Mike Richards, and Darroll Powe into Ilya Bryzgalov, Brayden Shenn, and Steven Stamkos.


It could happen, folks… at least according to Frank Seravalli: []

As it stands now, with negotiations in the works for Ville Leino and restricted free agents Wayne Simmonds and Jakub Voracek, the Flyers have approximately $8.3 million in salary-cap space, with Michael Leighton stashed in the AHL.

That's enough to do some serious damage on the free-agent market. Or, if you're reading the tea leaves along with me, maybe even the restricted free-agent market.

Two different team sources reiterated last night that the Flyers would be very interested in Tampa Bay's Steven Stamkos if he remains on the market on Friday morning.


As I mentioned last week, there has to be some reason why the Flyers are dumping so much salary. If Holmgren is somehow able to pull a rabbit out of his ass (is that how the saying goes?), all the anger – which I would say is prevalent in about half of you – over Judgement Day will disappear. Gone. Vanished. Mike who? Your morning what?

Seravalli is rather confident in his two sources, who tell him that the Flyers would love to land Stamkos, and the past week's moves were merely a way to do so.

Will it happen? Maybe.

Maybe not.

That's why we’ll bring both pitchforks and instruments of joy on Friday. See you at the pumps.