Do We Really Need a Rocky Musical?

What is the natural evolution for a gruff movie about a hardened South Philly native who can barely speak intelligent English and has inspired an overused anthem as the rallying cry for a city? A European musical, of course. That's right, Sly Stallone is taking on his latest challenge, speaking playwriting.

Stallone is part of a group of creators and producers that concluded a successful private reading of the musical's script in New York in April. The goal is to bring the show to Broadway, after debuting the play next year in… Germany. Ich verstehe nicht!

It will be interesting to see which way they go with this: The Green Day American Idiot fuck you, conventional wisdom, route, with harsh lyricals and simulated on-stage sex (or whatever the Rocky equivalent is- Stallone acting, I suppose), or the Wicked route, with overly fluffed thespians singing gleefully about a rather dark social commentary. I'd vote for the first option, because surely we don't need a Glee'd up version of Gonna Fly Now being played at Flyers games.

Of course, someone the likes of Lea Michele singing Eye of the Tiger would probably change the whole equation. For me, at least.

This also seems like a rather appropriate time to say that Bernard Hopkins can go fuck himself. However, commentary on his ceremony – in front of the Rocky statue yesterday – can be found here, written by the legendary Bill Lyon on Philly Sports Daily.

via New York Times


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  1. did stallone try to sound MORE retarded for the movie or was that just his standard voice? Id assume its just him naturally.
    Rocky II was on the other day, the scene where he is attempting to film a commercial is histerical. Kid cant even read good.

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