Eagles Take Time to Make the Donuts

Jon_dorenbos_susie_celekSource: Philly Chit Chat

Is there a better way to start the morning than by reading a donut post? Probably, but this will work.

Yesterday, a few Eagles stopped by the Krispy Kreme in North East Philly to make some donuts. Pictured above are (left to right) Brent Celek, Jon Dorenbos, CB reader Julie Dorenbos, Susie Celek, and Todd Herremans. I'm fairly convinced Brent, Jon, and Todd are the new Rat Pack of Eagles football… they're everywhere. All they need now is a Sammy Davis Jr. Quick, someone call Shady.

Our friend HughE Dillon has more photos of the PR event for Krispy Kreme right… hither.

Meanwhile, Jason Avant and Darryl Tapp worked out at Tra Thomas' new gym, 7 Deuce Sports. Jamie Apody from 6 ABC has that story after the jump.

Please, owners, more football…


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  1. They probably smoked like 6 blunts before going to the donut factory

  2. I can only imagine the backlash across the internet if pictures of carter or richards eating donuts were posted.

  3. i’m shocked that tool-bag who got his panties in a bunch over Kyle posting something about carts & richards down SIC hasn’t gone nuts over this post

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