Ed_snider_jetBryz's ride to Philly

Oh, you think he's joking about this whole netminder thing? No. No he's not.

Ed Snider wants a goalie, and, dammit, he's going to do everything he can to get one. After a long flight from Moscow to New York yesterday, Ilya Bryzgalov flew to Philadelphia in style. Snider sent his jet, a twin-jet Gulfsteam IV (so says Flight Aware), to pick up Bryzgalov from JFK Airport, according to Frank Seravalli.

Here's the proof. Snider's jet, which flies under title "Spectacor Inc.," landed in Philly at 5 P.M. yesterday. Bryzgalov will meet with Snider, Paul Holmgren, and Peter Luuko today and tomorrow: [Philly.com]

Bryzgalov is scheduled to meet with Snider, Holmgren and team president Peter Luukko today and tomorrow, as well as receive a tour of the team's facilities and a brief look at the city.

It isn't often, though, that a high-profile free agent would travel all the way from Russia to visit a city if the negotiating team did not have serious intentions of striking a deal.


There you have it. Keep an eye out for him. Ladies, you know what to do.

That last part was a joke… Sort of.

I guess we'll know how the negotiations went if Bryz gets a ride back to JFK.