UPDATE: Flyers May Give Stamkos an Offer Sheet


…worth $115 million. Holy Cliff Lee!

According to Anthony SanFilippo, the voice of reason in this whole mess, the Flyers may submit their offer:

Ok Flyers fans, I'm told that if the Flyers decide to give Stamkos an offer sheet it's for $115 mil over 12 years with a full no-trade.


Frank Seravalli, who is inching out Sam Carchidi in finding out whose source is bigger more accurate, backs that up:

Flyers are trying to decide internally whether its worth taking a stab at Stamkos and failing or nearly assuring 1 of Ryder, Cole or Madden.


The Flyers (and Tampa) would have to get creative to fulfill (match) that offer. But since Stamkos currently doesn't have a no-trade clause until 2016, a guaranteed NTC (or "no movement clause," as is pointed out in the comments) would make things harder for the Lightning. As you know, having a NTC (NMC, whatevs) with the Flyers is like gold. Just ask Jeff Carter and Mike Richards…

We're in a holding pattern, folks. I imagine that Homer is deciding who to kill next.

UPDATE: Chuck Gormley doesn't think the offer comes today.


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  1. “may”, “possibly”, “could”…..this Stamkos ordeal is one giant prick tease (put THAT as your next headline lol)

  2. Every since Carts and Ritchie said goodbye, at work all I keep finding myself doing is checking all the blogs, messageboards and twitter for any new morsal of information instead of getting work done.
    At least the Lee deal happened all within a few hours..This thing could drag out for days.

  3. To all Flyers beat reporters and to the author of this aritcle: Players are eligible for NTC at the age of 27, the first year they are eligible for UFA. Apparently no one knows this!! Stamkos currently DOES NOT have a NTC nor does he even qualify for one, and isn’t eligible for one until 2017 when he turns 27 years of age. Its the same reason why Mike Richards and Jeff Carter’s NTC hadn’t kicked in!!

  4. This deal can’t happen without the team losing two more players and hitting their heads on the cap celing once again. Sure it’d be nice to have Stammer, but the team won’t be competitive with him.

  5. Am I the only one to notice how much Stamkos looks like Johnny from Karate Kid? Put em in a body bag!!!!!

  6. @Horseface Hughes exactly the same thing ive been doing
    12 years and $115 mil. Holy. Shit.

  7. Joe, how won’t the team be competitive? And why do we have to free up more room? We have enough to sign him now. And he plays the offensive positioning game. All we need are set-up guys and a few 25+ goal scorers and we’re good with him. Put him on a line with Briere and Giroux and he’ll hit 50 goals faster than you can say “worth the money.”

  8. I don’t think the Stamkos deal will happen even though I would love it to.
    Brad Richards seems like a more likely signing.
    However, if it did happen, I see it going something like sign and trade Leino to Tampa for “future considerations” right before we sign Stamkos to an obnoxious contract. Bobs would be moved also….somewhere….just not sure where.

  9. All we need are a few 25+ goal scorers…yeah, cause theres tons of them just floating around. Ditto on the e-stalking by the way. I cant walk away from my comp or phone, its actually kind of sad…we need this to end, but not till next Friday

  10. Does anyone know, if this deal did happen, what the cap hit for him would be each year? I’ve read that the length is to make a more managable cap hit – I can’t see Homer signing Stamkos and Bryz to play with briere, JVR, Giroux, and the offensive end of the Phantoms.

  11. “I’m rock hard at the thought of this”
    same here buddy it feels like a have a hot brick in my pants

  12. If they sign him they might have to change MY name to Iron Balls McGinty.

  13. I’ll lick jelly out of Homer’s asshole if they pull this one off then I’ll shit on Steve Coates’ chest…..yummy

  14. I’ll jerk off and eat my own jizz is they sign this mother humper, I’m so pumped im about to pump my dog

  15. I’ll let Edward Snider’s old dead looking ass creampie me if we sign this guy. He’s unreal and we def need him. Do it Eddie then do me

  16. @Arthur they dont have the cap room to sign stamkos without moving someone cause technically Vorack, Simmonds aren’t on the cap yet and they are still in need of a 4th center assuming G/Briere/Betts. They still have to fill 4 spots with that ~6mil they have in cap room. (A UFA winger(Leino?), 3rd center(Schenn? or UFA), Winger (Simmonds), Winger(Vorack))
    Also its pretty funny that Tampa’s owner bought the team for $110 million last year and now he may be offering Stamkos even more then what he bought the entire franchise for.

  17. Stamkos is overrated. Scored alot of lucky goals last year. I’d spend the money elsewhere.

  18. This whole Stamkos thing is getting played out, they don’t have the cap room, they still have other issues to address. Can they afford him? Yes. Will they have the cap room? No.
    …and LOL at some of these comments, f’in brilliant. Thanks for the laughs at work. My customers are wondering why I’m damn near in tears from laughing lol

  19. so let’s think this out….if the Flyers sign Stamkos, expect pics (like this one) on Crossing Broad all the time. Stamkos getting a cheeseburger, Stamkos with his shirt off at the pool, Stamkos getting oral from Kyle Scott. No thanks, let’s sign Joel Otto instead

  20. haha thought ivan drago the second i saw that picture. i honestly think stamkos wants out of tampa bay, hes an elite player playing in a small market, if he goes to bigger team, hell have a better chance at winning. but its not really his decision.

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