…worth $115 million. Holy Cliff Lee!

According to Anthony SanFilippo, the voice of reason in this whole mess, the Flyers may submit their offer:

Ok Flyers fans, I'm told that if the Flyers decide to give Stamkos an offer sheet it's for $115 mil over 12 years with a full no-trade.


Frank Seravalli, who is inching out Sam Carchidi in finding out whose source is bigger more accurate, backs that up:

Flyers are trying to decide internally whether its worth taking a stab at Stamkos and failing or nearly assuring 1 of Ryder, Cole or Madden.


The Flyers (and Tampa) would have to get creative to fulfill (match) that offer. But since Stamkos currently doesn't have a no-trade clause until 2016, a guaranteed NTC (or "no movement clause," as is pointed out in the comments) would make things harder for the Lightning. As you know, having a NTC (NMC, whatevs) with the Flyers is like gold. Just ask Jeff Carter and Mike Richards…

We're in a holding pattern, folks. I imagine that Homer is deciding who to kill next.

UPDATE: Chuck Gormley doesn't think the offer comes today.