Flyers Sign Andreas Nodl, Lose Cap Space


After Thursday's blockbuster moves, this may seem like a relatively meaningless blurb, but we are a site that revolves around Philadelphia sports, and so here we are.

The Flyers signed restricted free agent Andreas Nodl to a new contract, the terms are not yet disclosed.  They also signed Tom Sestito, who has played 13 games in the NHL. Nodl had 11 goals and 11 assists last year. He was actually a +14 to boot. Look for him to hang out on the fourth line. We'll see what happens with Sestito… frankly, no one cares at this point. 

The real reason anyone would blink at either of these moves is because they cost the Flyers a bit of cap space, albeit pretty minimal. Thursday's orange and black explosion has left some fans scratching their heads. Others are excited, and the rest are intrigued.  Final cap calculations after dealing Richards and Carter, and signing Ilya Bryzgalov have left me and many others to think that the Flyers have one more big signing or trade up their sleeve. Every signing the Flyers make that isn't the big move will induce a shrug or sigh from this point forward.

Flyers fans will surely pay attention to restricted and unrestricted free agents this coming Friday when NHL free agency begins. It will be one of the more exciting and intriguing weekends in recent memory (if we don't count last weekend), as we are expecting something…


One signing I wouldn't mind to hear about kinda soon-ish would be Ville Leino. I know Im not alone there.


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  1. My understanding is that Leino wants around 4 – 4.5 million, which I don’t think the Flyers will go for. Free agents that I would love to see would be Laich, Bogoslian, or Cole. As much as I want Stamkos, with him being restricted I don’t see the lighting giving him up without getting something huge in return. Also Brad Richards would be a nice fit, but I think that any team that gets him is going to end up overpaying. We’ll see what Holmgren and Mr. Snider have up their sleeves.

  2. The cap space taken up by these signings might be negligible, or even beneficial. If Sestito can steal Shelley’s spot by some miracle, we save money. Also, Nodl was always going to be re-signed, especially after we lost Richards because he can play the PK.

  3. Anybody who would pay Ville Leino even half of the 4 mil he wants should be fired. I think we can expect him to be gone next year. OR he’ll join Bryz in the Insanely Overpaid Flyers Club.

  4. Nodl for his very minimal cap hit is very important to this team, one of our top 2 way forwards, a very very important role player. Expect Sesito to replace Shelley at some point, id like his 1.1 mil off of our books. I dont want Cole at all, and Laich is going to want too much. Give Stammer an offer sheet for 8.5 and TB is fucked.

  5. i will be so happy if they can sign someone like stamkos or b. richards!

  6. Great job signing both of these guys. Young and hungry, not a bad cap hit and surely Shelly or Carcillo will be gone. Nodl has some skills too and will be a very nice 4th liner.

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