Flyers Will Not Send Stamkos Offer Sheet

Screen shot 2011-06-30 at 6.04.35 PMAs first reported by Tim Panaccio and quickly confirmed by the other beat reporters, the Flyers will not submit an offer sheet to Steven Stamkos.

Deep breath.

There are two sides to this: Had the Flyers submitted an offer, they may have had to wait over a week to find out if the Lightning would match it. This would have handcuffed them during the most critical week of the year…. On the flip side, trading Carter made room for Bryzgalov. Trading Richards, however, freed up a lot of cap space, which most of us thought would be used to sign a big-name player like Stamkos. Looks like that won't be the case.

Buckle up. Tomorrow begins free agency. I still wouldn't rule out something crazy happening. Homer's been drunk with power for eight days now.


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  1. Homer better pull of some sort of blockbuster to justify his week of drunken trades.

  2. I’ve said it everywhere the last 20 minutes- every beat reporter also reported carter wasn’t going to be traded. They also were blindsided when Richards was traded.
    There is no WAY the Flyers don’t send an offer sheet- unless he’s already a Flyer. I think Homer is just crazy enough to, in about 2 hours, call up Stevie Y, say “yeah, you’re really not going to get this done, are you?” then offer them Bob, Versteeg, and Voracek ($8-9M in cap space) for Stamkos’ rights. He could be a Flyer within about 4 hours, is what I say. That would also clear room to sign Ed Jovanovski. Don’t think it can’t happen.
    Rumor on the intertweets is that Meszaroz might be on the move- maybe Tampa wants him back?

  3. Good. As great a young player as he is, signing Stamkos would’ve torn this team apart offensively. It literally would’ve been SS & the Phantoms.

  4. Are you sure he’s drunk on power? I believe you meant labatt blue or Molson Canadian.

  5. Again, the guys we got in return for Carter/Richards aren’t free. We gotta pay them, and they’ll eat up the money losing Richie freed up. We can spend ~4-5 million tomorrow. Stamkos would have meant bye-bye to at least 2 of Carle/Versteeg/Hartnell (Harts has NTC).

    maybe read that link. idk if anybody knows but TIM PANACCIO IS THE LEAST CREDIBLE SOURCE FOR HOCKEY NEWS IN THE LEAGUE. hes a fool who writes wat he wants cuz nobody gives him anything. the reason nobody gives him anything is because he writes stories that are not true. (see mike richards tweet a while back…its actually on this site) dont be too worried about not getting stamkos yet cuz panaccio is a retard.

  7. They also can’t send a sheet, until tomorrow at 12:01 AM July 1st. So obviously that guy doesn’t have all his facts straight. Also, Homer is one of those guys who would keep a major move like this under wraps. Just like Rubin.

  8. Man I’m so sad we couldn’t sign this brother, I would have fucked my first born just to have this youngblood on my team for a half a year

  9. If they don’t sign Stamkos….fine. I would rather have them sign a few decent FA then have their money locked up in an offersheet that could be matched. Having said that, if Homer doesn’t buy back some scoring tomorrow then he signed a 31 year old goalie to play behind a decent defense (Carle was exposed without Pronger…and Pronger probably will not start the season) and an offensive unit that has gotten younger and less experienced. Voracek/Giroux/JVR? Leino (if he signs)/Briere/Hartnell and Versteeg/Schenn/Simmonds. Doesn’t look too promising to me.

  10. Right and Tim Panaccio also said Chris Pronger and I hated each other. And I didn’t talk to Lavy in weeks. Thanks Tim. Maybe Nikolay was right, you are in the mafia.

  11. Tim Panocha is… well… um… a panocha.
    And I’m drunk from Moosehead. Not the beer, but from the liquor that they distill from the fluids in a mooses head. Aparently it’s Palin’s favorite drink besides a batshyte dackery.

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