FOX Philly Got Their Tarp Incidents Mixed Up

Fox_screw_upYeah, that was four years ago


Here's Thomas Drayton's lead for the 10 o'clock news last night:

Wild weather, from extreme heat to extreme winds, even the Phillies had to step in to help cover the field at Citizens Bank Park during the game, when a severe storm rolled right in.


Uh, no. No they didn't. That video was from four years ago.

CSN aired the old footage during the rain delay, and it seems to have thrown FOX for a loop. Incredibly, editors spliced together footage of Michael Bourn throwing sandbags onto the tarp in Colorado with video of the grounds crew at Citizens Bank Park.


Here's a few telling signs that they had the wrong video: Bourn hasn't played for the Phillies since 2007, they were wearing grey jerseys (away), that's not Citizens Bank Park, and the Phillies didn't come out of the dugout last night. But by golly, that rain looks the same everywhere!

The video is after the jump.

H/T to reader Michael for watching FOX

Hail Interrupts Phillies Game With Cubs:


12 Responses

  1. The local affiliate really can’t tell the difference between CBP and other stadiums yet?

  2. Now now, MPH,
    Don’t get salty because Fox News is the biggest joke in the world. (Obviously does NOT include the local Fox station)

  3. no offense meant here mph, but evap is a. entiled to his opinion and b. isnt entirely off the mark.. you cant act like its not known that fox is a conservative news station..

  4. FOX news, not news at all…does anyone still watch their “News” programs? Seriously does anyone watch it?

  5. Na I’m actually a 6ABC person. Though i visit all the local news stations websites daily. And when i saw the article labeled “Hail Interrupts Phillies Game With Cubs” on with the video snapshot of the Phils throwing sand bags i said to myself “no they didnt screw this up did they?” so i had to click and watch for myself and they did.

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