Have You Gotten a Text From “King James” Lately?


Mike Wise of the Washington Post wrote a rather unflattering article about LeBron James today (worth a read). The highlight is this little tidbit about how LeBron introduces himself via text:

For example, a player recently told me LeBron had contacted him about possibly joining forces in the offseason, though he was cryptic about where he actually might play. The text began: “Yo, this is King James.”

“I was like, ‘Give me a break. You’re going to call yourself that?’ ”the player said, on condition that his name not be used.


I once had a friend who had a signature in his text messages. Not sure that relates, but I thought it was worth mentioning. Anyway, LeBron James introduces himself as "King." A king still with no ring…

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9 Responses

  1. A recent quarterback at penn state would signature his texts with “Living Legend” – this person has had much less success than lebron.

  2. A fascinating article by Mr. Wise. As someone on the outside looking in, I see Lebron as a player possessed of so large an ego that he calls himself “King James”, but at the same time, clearly doesn’t have the balls to lift a team onto his shoulders and carry it to greatness. So when he couldn’t get the job done in Cleveland, he ran to South Beach with his alleged talents to be Robin to Dwyane Wade’s Batman (I guess Chris Bosh is Batgirl). Hmph! Some “King” he is! More like a Squire if you ask me.

  3. Russell: There is no way Lebron will ever beat Jordon. Call me when Lebron has 6 championships.
    Shawn: Is that your only arguement.
    About sums it up….

  4. Anyone non-monarch who plops a “King” in front of their name deserves every bit of negative publicity they get.

  5. LeBron and Wade are superstar players, you cannot disagree with that. But they need to act like it. I’m tired of seeing video of LeBron screaming and yelling and crying after clinching a berth in the conference finals. And then him and Wade mocking Dirk before Game 5…..are you kidding me??? Thats pathetic.

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