Holy Shirts and Pants: Flyers and Team Bryz Huddle Up to Poker Table

PokerBig ups to Dominic Perilli (@dominicperilli) for the Photoshop

Amidst reports of an imminent deal with Bryzgalov, the Flyers released the following statement:

"We are continuing to try and reach an agreement with Ilya, but it is safe to say that we are not close to achieving this.”


As we know, Paul Holmgren lies.

Bryz's agent, Rich Winter, raises them this: [Philly.com]

"I'm not going to respond to anything. They can write whatever they like. I've been watching laughingly for two weeks as people make up stuff. I don't care. It's not my job to clarify what's in the newspapers. I'm just not commenting. I never will because it's never productive. Then I have to deal with you, and then I have to deal with the next guy who wants me to comment on what he just said.

"We have not got a deal. Period. And we're not commenting until we do."


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A part of me envisions Homer and Winter giving each other figurative handies under the table, while the rest of us, including other NHL GMs, consider whether to raise the stakes or fold. 

Neither side has any incentive to let us in on the negotiations, since nothing can be finalized until on or around July 1st, when a salary cap is put in place (unless the Flyers clear up a ton of cap space by trading away a big-name player… Carter's agent still believes he will not be the one to move). Team Bryz has no reason to agree to anything before they have to, and, perhaps more importantly, the Flyers lose trade leverage if it’s known they are going to pay Bryz a ton of money and have to move salary.

It’s all posturing. Holmgren is straightening up in his chair, Winter is lowering his sunglasses, and Bryz is sipping vodka. Only, under the table, their may be a scene reminiscent of the rub down Isla Fisher gave Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers. People helping people.

Lock it up, Homer.


12 Responses

  1. All I have to say is….. Thank god.
    I mean maybe homer is lying but still, i dont want to read about a 7 year 50 mil contract anytime soon. and to be honest Im not sure I even want bryz anymore anyway. not sure he is going to fit in well.

  2. This guy is even more self-absorbed than LBJ. As much as I’d like to see an improvement in net next year, I don’t know that this is the guy. He has douche written all over him, and I can see him folding under the pressure that comes with playing professional sports in this particular city.

  3. I get the feeling you don’t know the difference between lying and not playing your cards to the media. And ‘big ups?’ Jesus.

  4. Fuck out here, Illy would be the first legit goalie we’ve had since Pelle Linberg. Would you rather have a geezer like Rolston for two years? I can’t even believe people are against this signing.

  5. We all want a legit #1 until Bob is ready for reals. The problem is that we don’t want to hmm… say, rob Peter to pay Paul, or shall I even say, cut off our nose to spite our face. You take your pick. If they can get a decent deal done it’s all fine and good. If they have to dump multiple quality players in order to squeeze Bryz under the cap it’s just not worth it. Yes, goaltending can change games (see Mr. Thomas) but teams can win without a true #1 (see Chicago Blackhawks).

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