Ilya Bryzgalov Imitates a Canadian Defending Chris Pronger

Oh this guy's awesome.

Here's Bryz, in 2006, talking like a Canadian about Chris Pronger leaving Edmonton. 

Bryzgalov: Hates Canada. Loves Philadelphia, American history.

One more after the jump of Bryz pissing off Canadians (2:00 mark).

Any guy who tweaks Canadians is fine by me.

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13 Responses

  1. Bryz said he’d rather play in the KHL than in Winnipeg?!? That is hilarious! I love this guy even more now!

  2. LOL Yeah god forbid you think about your family over the Canadians. This In the OT guy is a complete tool.

  3. it would be superb if we get bryz and then during a game in vancouver, or wherever this twink is from, bryzgalov banks a clearing attempt off the glass that just happens to fly in the stands and hit this prick in the face and it showed the agony this guy went through in super slow-mo.

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