Bryzgalov_cupHe'll fit right in!

In Bizarro Snider, Russian goalie want you! 

I butchered that, but you get the point. Bryzgalov, which is actually easier to spell than it sounds, wants to play here. Via a press release that I'm guessing he didn't write: [Philly Sports Daily]

“I am pleased the Flyers thought enough of me to make the trade with the Coyotes. Philadelphia is a great city, a great organization and a great team with a rich history. I am looking forward to meeting with Paul Holmgren to discuss the possibility of us working together for many years to come. I would very much like to have the opportunity to play for the Flyers and be a part of the team Paul has assembled and to work with Paul and Mr. Snider to see if we can achieve the ultimate goal.

I believe the Flyers are right there and I would love very much to be a part of the team that brings the Stanley Cup back to Philadelphia. It would be a great honor. And it’s time!”


AND IT'S TIME! For what? To make the donuts? To win the Cup? Who cares! It's Bryzy in – quick what rhymes with Bryzy – in… the illapdelph.

This is better:

Ed_miller_bryzgalovYes, Ed, there is a Santa Claus it will be.