Is Ryan Madson’s Mustache Tattoo Real or Fake?

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Sorry for the lack of updates today- a lot of stuff going on. Anyway, earlier this morning we posted pictures from last night's ALS event. Readers Kim and Angie pointed out that it looked like Ryan Madson was rocking a mustache tattoo on his finger.

Of course, the mustache tattoo is #121 on, and, well, Ryan is very white. Now the question is: Real or fake?

Any info, Broadies?


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  1. It looks like the right side is smudging off a bit, I’m going to go ahead and guess that’s something that he drew on there with a Sharpie or a pen at some point yesterday to break up the monotony of signing autographs for hours on end. At least that’s what I’m hoping.

  2. It’s called a fingerstache. Started by former UVA lacrosse player Ken Clausen.

  3. Finger tattoos get faded quick from all the use of your hand. I can imagine that is exponentially higher for a pitcher. It’s a Rollie Fingers tattoo. Rollie was a relief pitcher, the tattoo is a rollie mustache, and it is on his finger. Oh, and 2+2=4.

  4. Apparently Sicilians aren’t white anymore?
    Furthermore, how do you know he is Sicilian? I’m pretty sure Madson isn’t a traditional Italian name…

  5. I think it’s more conspicuous that he isn’t wearing his wedding ring. Sarah’s probably going to lose her shit when she sees that.

  6. he looks a little clean cut (and not covered in ink) to go for something like that, but what do i know. Does any one know if he has any other tatts? Like a tramp stamp or something?

  7. why would that be the first place you guess that ryan madson has a tattoo? a tramp stamp? really?

  8. It’s a temporary tattoo… They sell packs of them on and the like. There are all kinds of different mustaches. It’s just supposed to be funny.

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