Jay Wright is Now Tweeting

Screen shot 2011-06-21 at 4.09.55 PMGentleman, scholar

This has been an unrivaled week in Twitter signups. First Ilya Bryzgalov on the day of his visit to Philly, then Michael Stutes on a boss day (read: every day), and now Jay Wright  (@VUCoachJWright). 

The announcement comes as part of a larger PR push for Villanova- the school also unveiled its new basketball website today. It's got a lot of flash and rap music, which basketball players like.

Reals: If, last week, you would have asked me for three people that I'd like to see join Twitter, I would have said, without hesitation, a Russian goalie, a Boss, and Jeff Carter… but Jay Wright would have been a close fourth.

He could go one of two ways with his account: The Pat Summit I'm going to use this as a promotional tool to help strengthen women's lib route or the Pat Chambers I'm going to use this to actually give you some insight into what I do and continue being a kick-ass coach route. Either way, he really needs to end every Tweet with the \\// sign. I know how much you all love that.

His first Tweet was, of course, positive:

Screen shot 2011-06-21 at 4.17.55 PM

I'm telling you, this man could sell viscous liquid to Aunt Jemima. 

Perhaps now is the time to rant – in 140 characters or less – about last year's debacle to Wright… Nah, I'll wait. Welcome to the interwebs, Coach.

Invariably, this post will bring out two types of people: Villanova apologists or the unwashed masses* people who hate everything the school does.

*That was a joke! Not real. I don't think I can be more clear about that. I'm getting off stage. \\//

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7 Responses

  1. I’m a two-time graduate of Villanova (’08 and ’11), and I have to say I thoroughly enjoy your blatant homer-ism!

  2. I wasn’t trying to be conceited or boastful, I was just trying to express my fondness for my school.
    Just as many visitors to this site feel a strong bond to the Eagles, Flyers, and Phillies, and revel in the community that shared fandom fosters – even if there is nothing that makes Philly teams intrinsically “better” than other teams – I was enjoying the community of the Nova Nation and figuratively high-fiving a fellow alumnus!

  3. I will not be following. I can see it now…
    Monday @VUcouchJWright: I bought a new suit today.
    Tuesday @VUcouchJWright: I bought a new suit today.
    Wednesday @VUcouchJWright: I bought a new suit today.
    Thursday @VUcouchJWright: I bought a new suit today.
    Friday @VUcouchJWright: I bought a new suit today.
    Saturday @VUcouchJWright: I bought a new suit today.
    Sunday @VUcouchJWright: I bought a new suit today.
    Monday @VUcouchJWright: @WVcoachHuggins Any tips on keeping a team competitive thru out the WHOLE season and not just the first half….

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