Jeff Carter Has Been Traded to Columbus


Per Bob McKenzie, Jeff Carter has been told he was traded to Columbus: [TSN]

In exchange for Carter, the Flyers are expected to receive Jakub Voracek, plus first and third round draft picks.

The 21-year-old Voracek recorded 14 goals and 32 assists in 80 games last season, after recording 16 goals and 34 assists in the 2009-10 season.  He is currently a restricted free agent.


The trade frees up about $4 million in salary cap space for the Flyers to sign Ilya Bryzgalov.

Apparently, Paul Holmgren felt that there would be no other way to get a deal done for a top-notch goalie. Carts had three straight 30 seasons and was the seventh leading scorer in the NHL last season. That doesn't grow off trees.

Philly Sports Dailly has some more.

Per TSN and three other sources both Ryan and I have, there is a real possibility Michael Richards will get traded, too.

I… I need a minute.


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  1. WIP is reporting strong rumors Verteeg and the 8th are being flipped to the Panthers for the 3rd pick..

  2. Let’s be honest here, can we really be that upset that we gave up a guy who makes 4 million a year and chips in 30-35 insurance goals per season? I kinda like the dude too, but he never scores when it counts, even less in the playoffs.

  3. Versteeg for the 3rd pick in the draft? And the 8th pick from Columbus? Awesome!

  4. i have a beach house in sea isle and im not mourning, everyone is always cuttin on him anyway

  5. Kyle Scott will now need to rip down all the jeff carter posters hanging over his bed! Sorry kyle, if you cant post anymore for the rest of the month we understand.

  6. Who is upset to see Jeff Carter go? honestly? I’ll take a shut down goalie for him ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. He is like Donovan Mcnabb; the only people who are upset to see him go are people who base their opinions off stats and don’t actually watch him play. I’ll always remember Carter for Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals, with a chance to send it to Game 7 in the waning moments, putting the puck square into Niemi’s chest…

  7. richards name is officially in the rumor mill and may be leaving as well. and that’s not only coming from eklund, which gives it slightly more credibility

  8. Thank jah with the power of the internet you will still be able to continue your man crush on Carts…

  9. with carter and richards gone, what kind of hope does that leave for the flyers and the fans? cause i have no hope at all.

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