Hey, what is the most logical thing for our five foot eight leadoff hitter, who is in the final year of his contract and coming off an injury-plagued season, to do on a Monday afternoon in June? Attempt to break the Guinness World Record for longest batted ball, that's what.

[Apparently GWR is no longer called "Book of World Records," because, ya know, people can get that stuff online now.]

Last night, J-Roll™ Tweeted a link to the press release for his Red Bull dick-swinging-fest, which will take place next Monday at 11:45 A.M.:

Clear your lunch hour because we’re not just talking home runs here…Rollins is aiming beyond the typical stadium distance and looking to hit a massive 550-foot bomb — or the distance of almost two football fields.

Not stopping there, Rollins will also attempt to break the current Guinness World Record for ‘Longest Batted Ball’, which currently stands at 576 feet. The record is for the greatest distance one individual can hit a batted baseball in a legal manner with no restriction on equipment.

Rollins is encouraging his fellow Philadelphians to stop by to witness the science, the technology, the talent, the strength, or to just see their favorite professional athlete really hit it out of the park…and over a highway.



If you remember, Rollins was supposed to try this last year… but he hurt is calf the day before, during the Phillies' home opener.

His Twitter account, Facebook page, and most of his swag are all sponsored by Red Bull, who put together this melodramatic video (after the jump) hyping the event.

I'm sure this won't mess with his already long swing. Nope, not at all… I'll be there – with camera – to report back.