Kenny Chesney Rocks Phillies Shirt, Andy Reid Hops (Rolls?) on Stage

Chesney_philliesTaken during spring training by the Phillies

According to multiple folks on the Tweets, Kenny Chesney, who performed at The Linc last night, was rocking a Phillies shirt… and wore an Eagles helmet given to him on stage by Andy Reid. Here's choppy video, via this guy on Facebook. That's Reid with his trademarked firm, assertive fist pump.

UPDATE: Here's the pic. Now I see why Reid threw the Eagles helmet on his head. Can't go letting the Phillies get all that attention in their stadium…

Thanks to Gordon in the comments for the link to the pic.

You can carry on with your day now.


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  1. Thank you for clarifying when the photo was taken because Obviously Raul doesn’t have as much facial hair now and Victorino does have some and that is not the club house at the Bank… blah blah blah and I wouldnt want to call you a fraud making up a nother story like the cigar one.
    ^Couldnt resist, Sarcasm noted?

  2. Yeah I got it, I didn’t want people to get fooled again with a photo that was obviously very very old. Sometimes you need to spoon feed folks, here comes the airplane and all.

  3. Whoaaa, easy with the Kenny hating. I was there, Hammered Drunk. It was an awesome time and Andy Reid showing up was pretty cool.

  4. Chesney is the new Jimmy Buffet. Not particularly talented, but everyone is all the sudden huge fans when he is in town and has to go for the tailgate.
    No particular interest in going except for the women..

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