Mike Richards Conference Call Audio

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Richards participated in a call with LA media (I bet he was so thrilled). Audio is after the jump via Anthony SanFilippo. Warning, it is very hard to listen to.

He said he was "reading it on the internet before [he] got the call [that he was traded]."
He was "at first shocked, then excited." Yeah, I doubt that. Also talks about Jeff Carter being his best friend, how much he loves Philly, and that they signed their contracts so they could play together for their careers. Respect.

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  1. Carts is going to be doing sit-ups in his sea isle driveway. 11 years in Colombus…yikes. “Could you eee-magine?”

  2. Carter and Richards little ring is broken, what a shame. They ruined the whole locker room. I’m glad they’re gone.

  3. Will crossing broad be able to run a website without covering all of Carts whereabouts and what hats Richards shouldn’t be wearing?

  4. Beat it Richards & Carter!!! Them 2 pussies were more worried about fucking white trash pussy then winning

  5. Wow shocking these moves, just shocking…but I hope there is a real reason and not just to dump them cuz of their presumed attitudes…

  6. that was really hard to listen to. im sad as a result. the dude signed a contract under the impression that he would be here long term, with carts. i feel like the organization conned him or some shit. i guess it was all well and good, but still, seems wrong. i hope we dont get a rep for treating players like shit. that would be no good.
    by the way can someone tell the fucking philly media to stop HARASSING these good young players so they dont breakdown and play like shit as a result. Jesus Christ you people bear some culpability for this fucking bullshit. Lets not unnecessarily harass and stress out our players just because you want to fucking sell papers. No one gives a shit about drama. All we care about is good sports journalism. That doesnt include TMZ-style investigative journalism that documents what clubs they go to. You know who you are. This is directed not to bloggers (obviously) but writers for the big papers in philly.

  7. there may have been many people ready for him to go, but wow was he not. that was certainly hard to listen to. listening to a man about to break down over the phone but doing his best to keep his composure. that’s tough, but shows how much he loved this city and his fans, including the haters here.

  8. @Bran? The whole deal with Richards and Pronger during the 2010 Cup Run. The team split up and took sides.

  9. Richards was all heart who was misunderstood. Kind of makes me wonder if his partying, twitter & fb page ( w that porn star as a profile pic) had something to do with holgram thinking hes not a leader who’s dedicated

  10. Worst part was the friggin noise in the background. Hey, SanFilippo, wash your dishes and clean up your desk at some other time. Cripes.

  11. really?! so much love for richie and carts??? if they were phils or eagles they would have been shipped out long ago. Respect for Richards… Carter did nothing but get hurt every playoffs… bring on BRZZZZZZZ

  12. “There no pussy in Ohio. Carter better get it in down sic this summer”
    Posted by: Mellonhead | June 23, 2011 at 10:06 PM
    “OSU begs to differ”
    Posted by: Muscles | June 23, 2011 at 11:40 PM
    Heifers don’t count.

  13. people compared him to Bobby clarke and then get rid of him, ill still never understand. so sad to see richards and carter be so upset about both of them leaving. thanks for everything Jeff and Mike, best wishes.

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