Look Out, Michael Richards, The NHL Doesn’t Want Players Wearing Other Sports’ Swag

We're live from Friday the 10th, the slowest sports day of June, so far.

According to Puck Daddy, the NHL asked Bruin Shawn Thornton to ditch his Red Sox hat. Never mind that should be a mandate for all self respecting humans, this may signal the end of the Michael Richards Yankees-Rednex hat era. Joe Dellapina told Puck Daddy that the NHL would prefer players only wear NHL license apparel:

"As per our marketing guys: We'd prefer that our players wear only NHL and licensed merchandise at our events. The revenue from sale of both is split between the clubs and players."


Talk about having an inferiority complex… If the NBA were to implement this, I'm fairly certain Mitchell & Ness would go out of business. The NHL, to it's credit, has had a great couple of years. The Winter Classic is tremendous, the playoffs have been good, they have marketed their stars, and even the All-Star Game didn't suck. They get a pass here.

Let's all bow our heads and have a moment of silence for Richie's headwear.


You too, Riemer:



3 Responses

  1. thats absurd. i totally get ‘why’ they wanna do it, to boost their own sales. and i’m not a fan of richie wearing the yankees hat. but i LOVE when teams support the other teams. stew bradley wears a phillies hat. love it. riemers sixers hat. love it. etc. thats ridiculous in my opinion…

  2. It was cool when JVR was rockin the Navy SEAL hat during post game after we killed bin laden. That support should be allowed, as well as same town team support.

  3. and when I thought the NHL was heading in the right direction. I understand the marketing team quote saying they’d prefer it, but if Thorton was told to ditch his BoSox hat, that’s absurd.
    Now if the MLB told Victorino to stop wearing tapout apparel, i’d be okay with that.

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