Madson to the DL

Ryan_madson_handPhoto source: This guy's Flickr

And… more injuries. The Phillies have placed Ryan Madson on the 15-day DL ,retroactive to June 19th. This all stems from the a hand contusion, presumably the same one that caused him numbness on Sunday. He will be eligible to come off on July 4th.


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  1. Are we to assume that Bastardo will take over the closer role and that Carpenter is only brought up to fill a spot on the active roster?
    *strictly thinking for fantasy baseball implications…*

  2. Worth pointing out that our best current bullpen arm wasn’t even a lock to make the opening day roster, our 2nd best arm didn’t make said roster and our 3rd best arm (Herndon) has been optioned twice already this year…yikes.

  3. I would also agree that Bastardo would seem to be the number one option to fill Madson’s role. I’m more comfortable with him than say, Danys Baez.

  4. What about closer by committee? Stutes against righties and Bastardo against lefties.

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