Mike Richards’ First Tweet Since The Announcement of His Trade to LA


Ugh… we're going to miss you, Richie.

You can scroll below to listen to the emotional conference call Richards had with the media. To be truthful, after my initial excitement about all the goings-on today, my mood has become quite somber.

Today was clearly one of the most exciting, eccentric, baffling, and page-turning days in the history of the Flyers and in Philadelphia sports. It'll be interesting to see what the reaction will be tohis morning, or the hangover for that matter. I guess it all depends on your perspective.

Until then…

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6 Responses

  1. reaction… had your chance and you blew it.. so glad Carter is gone. Give the C to Pronger

  2. I don’t know if I’ll be there on 10/15 when the Kings come to The Well but if I am I’m going to be one of the many who would be standing up and applawding when Richie takes to the ice. I’m sure the rest of the 19thousand plus will be doing the same.
    And the same goes for with Carts and the BJs come on 11/5.

  3. He’ll be missed. shamed he rubbed the front office the wrong way & the media helped run him out. I’ll miss living through those 2 living the dream getting sh*t faced & f*****g easy targert chicks

  4. Trust me, Holmgren has another trick up his sleeve. I bet there will be one more move that will make this all come into focus. They had there chance and Holmgren took a hard look and said “These guys are not gonna do it”. Time for Plan B!

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