Mike Richards Traded Too

Screen shot 2011-06-23 at 4.08.31 PM

Per TSN, John Buccigross, and three separate sources Ryan and I have, the Flyers may also trade Mike Richards.

More soon.


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  1. this is the most beautiful thing ever.
    i may just cry tears of happiness if richards goes.
    finally, we’re on our way to a team with players that care to be there.

  2. People are up in arms like those losers would win the cup with Richards and Carter anyway.

  3. Hmmm…sounds to me like some dads will be a little disappointed that theirs girls didn’t get finger banged 🙁

  4. My guess is richards media and leadership issues ultimately cost him here. Sad to see him go. Good luck Mike. It’s also possible that Carts and Richards being so close that this had to go down this way.
    Who gets the “C”? Pronger?

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