Mike Richards Tribute Video

This was put together excellently by reader Matt Brauckmann. Good luck getting through this one…


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  1. Now I feel even worse than I did the day of the trade. Thanks for ruining my weekend. See ya later Ritchie, you will be missed.

  2. Anyone who says Mike Richards didn’t have heart is crazy and this video proves it. Richards always gave it 110% and left everything out on the ice. I will truly miss him!

  3. great video. we need more of these. i love richie. nothing like waking up hungover on a saturday and then starting to cry because your team just traded away the fucking coolest, hardest working, gutsiest player ever. that feels awesome.

  4. Loved the Carter trade.
    I still HATE the Richards trade. Dumb idea. (Schenn had better be awesome.)
    Get rid of Hartnell & Versteeg.

  5. Kyle how about an open call for Richie tributes??? We need more of these, Im not kidding. Im not a video guru or else I would have made one years ago. And we need that emotional/epic soundtrack – U2esque. Anyone??

  6. Great video. I really think this may be a good move for Mike. He’ll be under less pressure, wont have pronger to battle with in the locker room… I really think he got complacent this year. The video tribute shows pretty much nothing his year. I hope this is a new start for Richie! Good luck #18. #17, don’t let the door hit u on the way out.

  7. thats hard to watch. he scored so many clutch goals for this team. i still cant beleive hes gone. as much as i love the trade, i miss richie already. he was one of my all time favorite players and will always be. ‘bows head’ Mike Richards – respect.

  8. Well fucking done, gonna miss him, he was a grinder and got some goals that only HE could do…sucks to lose him, really just sucks. Great tribute though!

  9. Well done Matt, brilliant video. That really made it sink in on what kind of player we’re going to miss. People underrate his defensive ability. When we were on the PK, put him and Giroux out there and there was no doubt that puck was not going to be in the back of the net. We will start having doubts on the PK again even with Bryz. Best of luck Richie.

  10. Yeah Richie was a stud on the PK. I really can’t believe they traded him so Pronger can captain this team for 2 years until his back finally gives out. If Schenn isn’t a superstar we will regret this trade for years to come. See ya Mike, you will be missed. I’m still rockin my 18 jersey.

  11. If he had heart, this video would be much longer than 4 minutes. He is heartless and didnt bring it when it counted. Dont let the door hit you on the way out, you drunk

  12. i feel bad for schenn, the first time he doesn’t appear to be giving it his all he will be boo’d badly because Flyers fans are knowledgable and know who he was traded for. I love the quote after the one goal he had when he says “and mike richards announces his presence as the alpha male” it doesnt say it on this video though

  13. Spot on Joe. They were the hockey version of Dutch and “the dude”. Just my opinion

  14. teared up a little…. this video show the evolution of his play and hes only getting started hes gonna have a hell of a career

  15. Geez that video was well done. best part is 2:45, the shorty vs NYR…its a great play, has Emrick and the celebration with timonen is right when the song kicks in. well done videomaker

  16. Very well done. I admit, some tears are streaming. Still don’t like this trade. I will miss him.

  17. Gonna miss him big time!!! Been a flyers fan since 1987….no more GO KINGS!!! Holmgren hope you read these comments! You rot!!!

  18. @Joe
    What the hell have you done? Let’s see you play 20+ minutes of ice hockey, see how you hold up. He had plenty of heart and grit!! Love to all the haters!!

  19. Realize that almost all of these videos were from 2 years ago…Because he hit NO ONE this year and played like a little (huge) bitch. Thank god they got out before his no-trade clause kicked in.

  20. @Mcginty, the reason nothing was in here from this year was because it didn’t fit in the video. If you want to see what would have been I’ll post them right here….

    <----- the patience and pass to Z to set that up. (1:20 mark)

    <-----talk about backing up your words....

    <---set up by G but look at the positioning by Richie, all alone.

    <---- this hit got so far under the skin of Ruff and Miller, the series completely changed after that hit. Not to mention, after Miller firing back, he got pulled in GAME SEVEN.

    <--- his first and second OT goals were disallowed earlier in the year, so he comes back and scores another. There you go Richie haters, this town is so unforgiving sometimes, the guy goes out and plays with a messed up wrist for the 2nd half of the season gets grilled. Pronger sits out and doesn't hear anything. And let's think who we wanted to be captain.

  21. If any of u actually know Mike, you would know how hard this is…players/people like Mike aren’t easily replaced.

  22. Great video.
    I hated this trade. The pieces we got back are okay, sure, but it does nothing to help the team win NOW which is what Pronger and Kimmo are here for, and the reason we desperately needed a goalie. Holmgren is an idiot, Snider is as well if he played any part in this.

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