Mitch Williams and the Phanatic Built a Man Cave

Mitch Williams and the Phillie Phanatic spent this week renovating a Phillies fans' home for an upcoming episode of "House Crashers" on the DIY network. [Philaelphia Business Journal]

They joined DIY Network’s Josh Temple this week for a project in which they are renovating a room with a baseball theme for a local Phillies fan.

Memorabilia from Veterans Stadium will be featured in the renovation. The project included the installation of a bar made from baseballs set in resin, complete with beer taps and systems, kegs, a refrigerator, sink and Phillies-branded bar stools.


These things always look great on TV until you think about their practical purposes. It's like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for sports fans. BTW- I always love how Ty Pennington will hear one thing 12-year-old Suzy says about liking trees, then build her a room that looks like the aborted love-child of the demented minds of R.L. Stine and Tim Burton. Does anyone ever ask what is the long-term suitability of this room? When Suzy turns 16 and brings Bobby up to “play” (since Mommy and Daddy are working job num. three), isn't he going to be a little weirded out by the moat and Alice in Wonderland-inspired animatronic rabbit bopping out of Suzy's headboard? Here's a gigantic, ridiculous home from Sears- good luck with the bills, taxes, and mandatory renovations. Move that bus!

I'm sorry, I blacked out. Anyway, yeah, the Wild Thing and Phanatic built some guy a man-cave.

And that, folks, is how you turn nothing into something.


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  1. Hit the nail on the head. I’ve watched that show a couple times over the years and I’ve always wondered how pissed off 6 year old Timmy is when he wakes up a giant Pokemon staring at him across the room.

  2. I’m no expert in sighcallohgee, but I think that rant of yours sounds like you’re projecting some sort of personal trahma here, Boyo. Maybe you should seek some proffeshunull help, if you haven’t already. Hahahahahahah.

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one that believes that show has no touch with reality. Not only are the room a complete Tim Burton mind-fvck, but the houses never fit it with the neighborhood – just like a giant zit on your forehead.

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