Morning Wood: Cliff Induced

Screen shot 2011-06-07 at 8.31.02 AM Morning Wood is a hard news roundup for your Philadelphia Phillies. Good or bad, it will show up every morning.

After striking out Casey Blake (who was ejected shortly thereafter), Cliff Lee made a funny to Kyle Kendrick in the dugout. I bet you it was something ironic.

The Phillies won last night, 3-1.

Lee struck out 10… and he doesn't like it. Here's what Lee told reporters after the game:

"Swinging and missing more (statistically, he's right). I'm not trying to strike guys out at all. I'm trying to get them out as quick as possible. For some reason, it's gone that way. More strikeouts, more walks, those kind of go hand in hand. I'd prefer to walk less guys and get more outs quicker in the count, but can't really control that too much, to be honest with you."


No, Cliff, you keep striking guys out. It excites me, others.

Charlie Manuel said Lee's strikeouts are more a result of him being able to use all four pitches and throw his nasty curveball when he's ahead in counts.

Sam Donnellon – same guy who said it was time to either strip Michael Richards of the "C" or trade him – says we worry too much. Oh, OK, Samuel.

Ben Francisco is wearing J-Roll's™ batting gloves. Did he pay royalties on that?

Davey Lopes, now a coach with the Dodgers, made his return to CBP last night. He left over what was reportedly a very small sum of money. He told that LA is "different," and: "It's been good, yeah. But it's different. It's not like what I remember. Put it that way."

I'm sure the Dodgers love hearing that. More quotes at Philly Sports Daily.

Here's edited video of Lee straight up dealing.

The Phillies drafted Larry Greene,  6-foot-2, 235 monster out of Berrien County High School in Georgia.

Finally, via the Phillies, here's Mickey Morandini and Larry Shenk, the Phillies' reps at the MLB Draft. Jeez, with the looks on their faces, someone may want to call Chris Hanson. We kid.

Video of Clifton post-game, courtesy of the Delco Times, after the jump.


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